30 Best Free VR Games On Steam You Will Love

There’s an amazing variety of free VR games on Steam, and many are of an impressively high standard and offer a huge amount of fun. I’ve spent countless hours playing all the free games I could find, and this article covers 30 of the most entertaining and best free VR games on Steam I have found. Almost all of these games are rated as “very positive” or higher in the Steam User reviews.

You’re going to find a wide variety of game genres in this article, and I have covered a mix of popular games, as well as some undiscovered and underappreciated gems. Jump in, and you’re sure to find some free virtual reality games you will love.

1. The Lab

the lab best free VR games on Steam

The Lab is a free Steam VR game made by Valve, and as we have come to expect with Valve games, this is a high-quality, polished experience, filled with fun things to do and infused with humor that makes it a joy to play.

You start in a lab environment where there are many things to explore and interact with, as well as a number of games and experiences that show off the best of VR. From playing around with a bow and arrow, throwing a stick for your robot dog, to taking part in Aperture Science’s Human Diversity Outreach Program, The Lab is filled with awesome experiences that are on par with the best VR games I have played, free or not.

The Lab is one of the first things I tell people to try when they first get a VR headset, as it is tons of fun and showcases exactly why I think VR is so amazing.

The experiences in The Lab include:

  • Slingshot – Become a calibration trainee and use a powerful slingshot to destroy the Aperture Storage Annex.
  • Longbow – I loved this one. Use a bow and arrow to defend your castle by firing at hordes of attackers. This had me entertained for hours as I slowly improved my skills.
  • Xortex – This is like an old-school space wave shooter, but the enemies are coming from all around you. Loads of fun, but really challenging.
  • Human Medical Scan – See the human body in awesome 3D detail, with models built from real CT scan images. This is an example of just what an awesome educational experience VR can be.
  • Solar System – See the solar system in amazing detail as the sun and planets are all around you.
  • Robot Repair – With typical Valve humor, this short experience puts you in the role of the first participant in Aperture Science’s Human Diversity Outreach Program.
  • Secret Shop – Check out Dota’s secret shop in immersive VR.

2. VRChat

vrchat best free VR games on Steam

VRChat is one of the most popular VR games and there are some very good reasons for this. With thousands of user-created worlds, hundreds of activities, and countless other people to meet and hang out with, VRChat is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time in VR.

I’ve spent a LOT of time in VRChat, hanging out in some amazing VRChat worlds. The creativity of the community constantly amazes me, and there is no shortage of cool things to do and interesting people to meet. The best thing is that you can play VRChat for free, although you can sign up for a paid subscription called VRChat Plus if you want to support the developers and get some minor perks.

I’ve written loads of articles about the best things to do in VRChat, covering the most beautiful VRChat worlds, the best horror maps, the best VRChat escape rooms, and the best VRChat avatar worlds, so feel free to take a look at these articles to get a better idea of what VRChat has to offer.

VRChat is available for all major VR platforms and headsets and has low hardware demands, so you shouldn’t have any trouble enjoying it. I know a lot of people may be intimidated by the marked focus on social interaction, but the great thing is that they have a range of privacy settings that lets you be as social or as private as you wish. VRChat is one of the best free VR games on Steam and you should make sure to try it out.

3. Propagation VR

propagation vr game

If you want to have a heart-pounding, terrifying experience in VR, Propagation VR is a great choice for you. This zombie survival game is a wave shooter that has you trying to survive a zombie apocalypse against the odds.

Following a short tutorial that shows you how to move and use your weapons, you find yourself alone in a dark and dilapidated subway station, and it’s not long before you are fighting for your life against wave after wave of zombies that aren’t in the mood to be friendly.

You have the option of shooting them, or if they get really close, punching them to fend them off, but it takes a lot of concentration and coordination to successfully keep them at bay. The graphics and production values of Propagation VR are top class, and I was left seriously impressed, so have no trouble recommending this one as one of the best free VR games on Steam.

The trade-off is that this is a relatively short experience, with it taking about 30 minutes to play through. Thankfully, there are four different difficulty levels, so it has plenty of replayability if you want to survive all the way through the more difficult modes.

This is NOT a game to play late at night when you’re home alone, as I guarantee that you won’t sleep, but boy is it a great zombie survival game. All credit to WanadevStudio for their efforts with this game. If you enjoy this one, consider buying the co-op DLC add-on to support the creators.

4. Rec Room

rec room vr game on steam

Rec Room is a free VR social game where you can meet other people, hang out, and explore thousands of user-created rooms that let you do an incredibly wide variety of fun activities. From playing games like basketball, pool, and table tennis, to paintball, laser tag, board games, and awesome co-op adventure experiences.

You can customize your avatar, shop, or test your creative side by using the creator pen to make whatever you like. Rec Room is another hugely popular free VR game on Steam and other platforms. It has a huge player population, which means the amount of user-generated content is growing all the time.

You could literally spend hundreds of hours in Rec Room and not get bored, so I would hugely recommend this game. It’s similar to, and yet very different from VRChat, but both have common features including providing a social space, user-generated content, and a sandbox-type environment. Rec Room gets a very positive rating on Steam, with 91% of users rating it positively. You can learn more about Rec Room here.

5. Google Earth VR

google earth vr

Google Earth VR is one of the most fascinating ways to explore the world and a wonderful showcase of how VR can improve education and our understanding of the world. You can fly around the world to any location you like, swoop down from the sky to explore your favorite cities and landmarks, or head to the ground to take a more conventional view of the world.

You can even enter Street View mode, although this is only available in cities and at popular landmarks. Street View VR allows you to walk around places you have never been to and get a real feel of the place in a way that is impossible from just looking at pictures and videos.

Google Earth VR is equally useful for researching places of interest or checking directions for an upcoming trip, or for entertainment as you visit interesting parts of the World in an instant. We are so lucky that Google Earth VR is available as a free Steam VR game, as only a few years ago, we could only dream of having such an amazing way to explore the world. Google Earth VR is available for all major VR platforms and headsets.

6. Gorilla Tag

gorilla tag best free VR games on Steam

Gorilla Tag is one of the best free VR games on Steam and I guarantee you’ll love it! You take on the role of a Gorilla, and you have to navigate your way around the ground and climb trees using your arms to move yourself along. This is a really clever way of getting you to use your arms to move around in a similar way that Gorillas do in real life.

There are no other buttons or controls needed to master the art of moving like an ape, and although you’ll start to get the hang of it in a few minutes, it takes hours to master the techniques required to swing effortlessly through the trees.

You can enjoy exploring the area, or you can take part in two game modes with other Gorillas in the same game world. You can play tag, which follows the same rules you know from the playground, and the second game mode is infection mode, where 4 or more players run from infected gorillas or chase down the survivors to catch them.

Playing this game feels like being a parkour master, as you learn where and how to move to get around the map most efficiently. The graphics are intentionally blocky, but there is a certain appeal to them. I’ve generally found the other players in this game to be pleasant, and everyone seems to be up for some lighthearted fun. Gorilla Tag is developed by Another Axiom, and you can learn more about it here.

7. Open Brush

open brush vr on steam

Open Brush is a virtual reality painting application that lets you paint in 3D space. It is a community-created successor to Tilt Brush, which was a VR painting application from Google which is no longer supported.

Open Brush lets you use a wide variety of brushes and materials to create anything you like in VR. The only limitations are your imagination and artistic skill. Using Open Brush feels so intuitive, and even if you have no prior experience, you will be creating your own art in no time.

Open Brush is completely free, which is amazing considering the professional nature of this software and the features that are available to you. I have very little artistic skill, but I found it so relaxing to spend time experimenting with all that is possible in this impressive VR software.

8. PokerStars VR

pokerstars vr

Pokerstars VR is a really well-polished and enjoyable place to play Poker, Blackjack, and a number of other casino games in VR. The sense of immersion as you sit around the poker tables, physically checking your cards and throwing your chips into the pot is fantastic.

I love the thrill of going to a real casino, but I get bored quite quickly playing poker games on PC due to the lack of atmosphere and social interaction with the other players. Pokerstars VR bridges this gap, as it really feels like you are sitting around a Poker table with other people, and provides a lot of the excitement of a real casino experience.

I found myself playing Poker for hours, chatting to the other players, and having plenty of fun, and definitely rate this as one of the best free VR games on Steam. The graphics are excellent, the game mechanics work well, and there is tons of enjoyment to be had here.

9. DCS World

dcs world best free VR games on Steam

DCS World is the most impressive combat flight simulator available for PC and in my opinion, the best VR combat flight simulator you can play. The attention to detail of the aircraft and the extensive maps is astonishing.

DCS World is such an immersive experience, and being able to look around the cockpit just as you would in real life and fly a perfect recreation of some of the world’s most iconic combat aircraft is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in VR.

DCS World has an excellent business model, where they offer a base version for free that includes two maps and two aircraft, with many more aircraft and maps available as paid addons. The base version of DCS World is one of the best free VR games on Steam, but can also be installed as a standalone application.

The free version contains:

  • Two beautifully modeled aircraft
    • Su-25T “Frogfoot” attack jet
    • TF-51D “Mustang”
  • Two free highly detailed maps.
    • Black Sea region including southwestern Russia and Georgia
    • Mariana Islands.

DCS World has been under development for many years and has built on a long history of flight simulator development, making it one of the best flight simulators you will get anywhere. Obviously, the developers are hopeful that you will enjoy the free version of the game and end up spending money on addons, but there is no pressure or necessity to do so.

I’ve sunk hundreds of hours into DCS, mainly flying their excellent range of helicopters, and consider myself to be a pretty decent UH-1H “Huey” pilot. I started with the free version of DCS World years ago and haven’t looked back. If you really get into this game, the cost of the terrains and aircraft can add up, as each of them is quite expensive, but for most people, the free version is perfect.

The downside of DCS World is that you’ll need a powerful computer to be able to run it in VR, so expect to have to turn down the graphics settings to get good performance. You also really need to have a joystick to control the aircraft with any degree of accuracy.

10. Adventure Climb VR

adventure climb vr

Adventure Climb VR is a short VR climbing experience where you are transported to a Canyon landscape and have to use your arms and hands to navigate between a series of handholds on the canyon wall and scale a difficult cliff face and make it to the top.

There is only one map to play on, but it is loads of fun, and the graphics are excellent. It’s really satisfying to use a combination of your body and brain to reach from place to place, thinking carefully about each move you make, knowing that one false move and you’re going to fall.

After a few attempts and falls, I was able to make it across this interesting course, which includes traversing a rope suspended high above a river, and plenty of varied rock climbing terrain. After I got to the end of the course, the game challenges you to do it faster, and this is where a lot of the fun came from, as I spent ages trying to beat my best time.

There are definitely a few hours of quality entertainment to be had in Adventure Climb VR, but it is a limited experience, so it’s likely that you’ll play this one for an hour or two and then you’ll be done. It’s actually a great one for people new to VR to try, as it really showcases that you can use your whole body in room-scale VR to great effect.

11. Astral Slider

astral slider vr on steam

Astral Slider is a futuristic time attack racer game where you hurtle down a series of tracks, using a laser to blast your way past pink obstacles that block your way, whilst giving you a speed boost for each one you successfully target. To make things more difficult, you must also weave in and out of other obstacles that block your path and will stop you in your tracks if you hit them.

This awesome game is easy to pick up but will take hours to build up your skills. There are currently six tracks to choose from, and each changes the gameplay by introducing new obstacles and altering the shape of the track, which changes the tactics you must use to be successful.

I was pleased that hitting an obstacle in this game doesn’t make you fail a map, but slows you down, significantly, reducing the frustration you may feel as you learn a skill-based game. Astral Slider was made by Kyle Rodgers and was released in March 2022. This free VR game on Steam provides a terrific amount of fun, although doesn’t include any additional game modes or features beyond the basic 6 maps.

12. Aircar

aircar vr game

Aircar is a graphically stunning experience where you drive a flying car around a far-future city. It’s a fairly simple experience, and the only objective is to learn to fly your aircar and cruise around the stunningly detailed city enjoying the sights.

The cockpit is beautifully detailed, and the views you get over this fictional city are truly breathtaking. Learning to fly the aircar took a while until I was confident with the controls, but once I gained some confidence, it was so much fun, and incredibly immersive flying around in this game.

Aircar is an example of immersive VR done right, and it was a joy to spend time in this free Steam VR game. It’s not much more than a tech demo really, but I still spent a few hours enjoying this game and it had me wishing for more. It’s made by Giant Form Entertainment, LLC and you can read more about Aircar here, and read the reviews.

13. Blacktop Hoops

blacktop hoops best free VR games on Steam

Blacktop Hoops is a competitive VR streetball game that is loads of fun to play. It takes a while to get the hang of the game mechanics, but it won’t be long before you’re dribbling, shooting, and dunking like a pro. This game is being developed and released in a series of phases, with the first phase being free to play.

The free-to-play version has four modes including a tutorial, a 1-on-1 mode where you play against an AI opponent, practice court mode, and shooting training.

I love the control mechanics of this free Steam VR game, and you can customize most of the controls, so you can get things just the way you like. Although there is a learning curve, the gameplay feels smooth and the mechanics feel very natural. It took me quite a while before I was making shots with any kind of consistency, but I could see myself getting steadily better.

Get in now while this game is still free, as it looks like the full game will be a paid product once it is launched. It looks like it will be well worth the price once the full game arrives. Blacktop Hoops is being developed by Vinci Games and you can read more about it here.

14. Belko VR: An Escape Room Experiment

belko vr: an escape room experiment on steam

This is a terrific VR escape room experience that starts with you in your office, as an employee of the Belko Corporation. After a short telephone call from a colleague, you get the unexpected news that you need to escape from your office in just 15 minutes or you will die.

This graphically impressive and fully voice-acted escape room is a blast to play, and the puzzles are set at a difficulty level that is appropriate for most players. If you’re a fan of escape room games or in real life, you’ll soon tune in to the strategies for working out what to do and how to solve the puzzles. For anyone new to the genre, it might take a couple of play-throughs to get on the right track.

There’s nothing like piling on some time pressure to up the stakes in an escape room, and my heart was pounding as I came close to the time limit. Although there is only one level in this free Steam VR game, it is one of the best escape room experiences I have had in VR, so I really recommend you give Belko VR a go. It’s published by Top Right Corner and you can learn more about Belko VR here.

15. VR Flush

vr flush game

VR Flush is a hugely entertaining free Steam VR game that is well worth your time. It’s quite short, but really well made and filled with great humor that makes it a joy to play. VR Flush is a seated VR experience that starts with you sitting on a toilet in the game, before being beamed up into an alien spaceship, where you have to convince an A.I. robot that you are an intelligent being.

VR Flush is a completely free VR game on Steam and was originally developed as a student project at the university of applied sciences in Darmstadt, Germany in 2015. This game is hard to explain in words and is best just experienced. It is a little old now, having originally been released in 2018, and I did have some initial difficulty using my HP Reverb G2 controllers, but I quickly worked out what buttons did what, and I didn’t look back.

16. SCP: Labrat

scp: labrat

This free Steam VR game is a horror/escape room experience where you are a test subject in an underground SCP research facility. The aim of the game is to move through a series of rooms, trying to escape the facility.

One of the best things about this game is that it is procedurally generated, so you never know what the next room is going to contain, no matter how many times you play. The encounters are also procedurally generated, which massively increases the replayability of this game.

SCP: Labrat is well made and the graphics are reasonable. It’s a really tense game and my heart was racing the whole time as I was waiting for the next terrifying experience. The entire facility is pretty dark, which adds to the sense of trepidation.

The gameplay experience isn’t without its faults, as the character models and animations are a little rough around the edges, and there are a few bugs here and there, but overall, this is a really excellent free VR game on Steam that you should check out if you enjoy horror games.

17. Aliens Attack VR

aliens attack vr

Aliens Attack is a wave shooter game where you are attacked on all sides by flying aliens, who you must hit with blasters to eliminate them, score points, and protect your power core. You stand in the middle with a blaster in each hand. Your right blaster fires lasers, while the left blaster is a tractor beam that traps the aliens while you’re holding the trigger, and then fires them out when you release the trigger.

This is a colorful, fun, and challenging game that is tons of fun to play. There’s only one level, so there isn’t endless replayability, but trying to beat your high score and just enjoying the gameplay of this terrific free VR game. You need quick thinking, and plenty of mental energy to execute the best strategy to defend your base and get a high score. Aliens Attack VR is made by The Game Forger and is available on Steam.

18. NVIDIA VR Funhouse

nvidia vr funhouse on steam

NVIDIA VR Funhouse is a series of minigames made to show off the capabilities of VR and NVIDIA technology. It is set in an old-fashioned carnival where there are 7 mini-games for you to try out, and most are plenty of fun. They include:

  • Shooting Gallery
  • Whack-A-Mole
  • Clown Painter
  • Fire Archer
  • Mole Boxing
  • WallWalker Toss
  • Cannon Skeet

Each mini-game will keep you entertained for a short while and it was fun to try them a few times, trying to do better each time. This is a really cool VR experience and is another great way to get a feel for the type of experiences that are possible in VR in a short space of time. Even though this is now quite a few years old, it is still well worth playing the free Steam VR game.

19. Taphouse VR

taphouse vr best free VR games on Steam

Taphouse VR puts you in the role of a bartender in a busy dwarven bar. The aim is to grab drinks and glasses from behind the bar to make the drinks that the customers request when they come to the bar. You’ve to do all this under time pressure, and the quicker and more accurate you are with your mixology, the more points you score.

I found it really entertaining to play around with the drinks and other items behind the bar, regardless of how well I was doing at serving my customers. Bear in mind that you will need a little space to play this free VR game, as you need to walk a few steps back and forth to fetch things from behind the bar to make all the drinks.

As you have to lift and pour drinks just as you would in real life, you get a great sense of immersion playing this game. Taphouse VR also has a sandbox mode, so you can experiment with all the things behind the bar without having to worry about serving customers on time. Taphouse VR feels like a premium game, and easily makes my list of the best free VR games on Steam. This is definitely one to check out and enjoy.

20. Home – A VR Spacewalk

home - a vr spacewalk

Home – A VR Spacewalk is a highly immersive experience in which you take on the role of an astronaut aboard the International Space Station and embark on a nerve-wracking spacewalk to repair one of the solar panels on the ISS. This story-based game gives you a real feel for what it must be like to live and work in space and is a seriously impressive VR experience.

Developed by BBC Media Applications Technologies Limited, this award-winning VR game is inspired by NASA’s training program and experiences of real astronauts aboard the ISS. The level of immersion that this VR experience provides dwarfs anything that could be delivered on a 2D screen.

Not everything goes to plan on your spacewalk, and you are required to act quickly and calmly in a challenging situation to avert disaster in this high-stakes environment. This can be quite a disorientating experience, as there is a lot of movement of your character that is not directly controlled by you, which is always a sure-fire way to cause motion sickness for users in VR.

Thankfully, there are two options you can choose, depending on your experience with VR. The astronaut mode is for experienced user of VR, and easy mode is considerably less disorientating, so pick this one if you have ever had any difficulty with motion sickness in VR.

21. Shattered Lights

shattered lights best free VR games on Steam

Shattered Lights is one of the best room-scale horror games I have played in VR, and the fact that it is free is incredibly impressive. The game takes you on a journey through a dark and creepy abandoned underground medical facility with just a flashlight to help you see the way. The graphics, sound, and game design is excellent, and I still can’t believe this is a free game.

Shattered Lights ideally requires a playspace of at least 2m x 2m (6 feet and 7 inches) as you are required to physically move around your playspace in this game. The movement is incredibly clever, as it uses non-euclidean geometry so that you feel that you are walking around a large level, even though you are walking in circles around your relatively small play space.

Shattered Lights is a claustrophobic, heart-pounding horror experience, with an amazing atmosphere. It’s made by Team Morbid, a student team studying International Game Architecture & Design Programme at the Breda University Of Applied Sciences.

22. Great Paintings VR

great paintings vr best free VR games on Steam

This awesome Steam VR experience lets you view over 1000 of the most famous paintings from the greatest artists and museums in the world. All perfectly recreated in VR, you have the entire gallery to yourself to get up close and examine some of the most iconic paintings in history.

There are paintings from so many iconic artists, including Botticelli, Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, Monet, Van Dyck, Hopper, and loads more. All of the paintings are scanned at high resolution and exhibited in a virtual museum where you can walk around to get the perfect view of each painting.

This experience is nothing like just looking at paintings on a 2D screen but really feels like you are in a gallery, enjoying the splendor of these wonderful pieces of art. Most of the paintings have descriptions and audio commentary to help you learn about the pieces you are viewing, and there is a nice classical music soundtrack which is very fitting to the setting. If you have any interest at all in art, you should definitely check out this completely free Steam VR game.

23. A Shopping Trip To Eklan Tor

a shopping trip to eklan tor virtual reality game on steam

This delightful and relaxing Steam VR game tasks you with exploring the town of Eklan Tor to find a variety of hidden secrets. You tower above the world and use your two controllers to search for and interact with a variety of things that help lead you to a series of hidden objects.

The visuals, sound, and gameplay come together to create a delightful experience, that is actually a prototype for a larger project that the developer, Glass Kettle Games, is working on. A shopping Trip to Eklan Tor gets fantastic reviews on steam, with a 98% positive rating at the time of writing this article.

A Shopping Trip To Eklan Tor has so much character and plenty to explore, and although it only took me about 20 minutes to complete, it was really memorable, and easily one of the best free VR games on Steam I have played.

24. Vertical Shift

vertical shift virtual reality game

Vertical Shift is a high-tempo VR Esport where you have to fly around using a combination of grappling hooks, jet packs, and gliders to navigate futuristic maps, where you play a number of game modes, including Freeze Tag, Hotseat, Infection, and Race.

The movement system is fairly intuitive and it only took about 10 minutes to get a feel for the basics. However, it has a very high skill ceiling, with the potential for you to develop incredible skills to navigate the maps and complete the objectives.

I’ve played quite a few hours of this free Steam VR game and I’ve had loads of fun. As someone with rudimentary skills, I’ve mainly been focused on getting around the map efficiently and actually ending up where I’m trying to go. It could be a long while before I’m ready to take part in one of the player-hosted tournaments to show off my skills.

The only downside to Vertical Shift is that the player base appears to be small. I’ve managed to find games with other human opponents each time I’ve played, but there aren’t tons of people playing this game.

25. The Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell

the body vr: journey inside a cell

The Body VR is a 12-minute-long journey into the human body that provides a wonderful showcase of how powerful VR can be for educational purposes. It’s like the movie Innerspace, where you are miniaturized and put in a tiny capsule, before being sent down the middle of an artery to inspect the red and white cells of the body, before shrinking further and continuing your journey into a cell.

This is such an impressive and immersive experience and considering that it is now a few years old, it is impressive how well executed this VR showcase is. The pace and narration are excellent, and although it is largely on rails, it always felt interesting and engaging.

Although short, this is a high-quality piece of software, and the fact that it is free is really impressive. If you’d like to get a fascinating view inside the human body, you should definitely try out The Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell.

26. Goalie Challenge VR

goalie challenge vr best free VR games on Steam

This awesome free Steam VR game is developed by Josh Beatty and Mike Casto and gives you the opportunity to be a hockey goalie, striving to defend your goal shot after shot against AI opponents of varying difficulties.

The graphics and physics feel just right, and even though I have no experience of being an ice hockey goalie, this game felt intuitive and enjoyable. The game is pitched as being made by a hockey goalie for other hockey goalies, and my impression is that the developers have succeeded really well. This is the type of game I would love to see developed into a premium hockey VR game, as the foundations are excellent.

I worked up a real sweat in this game as I lunged for each puck, and slowly gained confidence and developed my skills over time. Make sure to leave yourself plenty of room to play this game, as the sudden movements required could cause damage if you suddenly swing your controller into some nearby furniture.

As with a lot of free VR games on steam, there is the foundation of a wonderful game here, but as of today, there is only one game mode and not many additional features. I can definitely recommend Goalie Challenge VR for at least a few hours of fun, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that there will be a premium release in the future.

27. Horizon Beyond

horizon beyond best free VR games on Steam

Horizon Beyond is a stunning Steam VR game where you must pilot a wooden sky ship through the clouds and past towering stone monoliths and floating rocks, exploring a strange alien world, and interacting with the local wildlife. The combination of unique game mechanics, gorgeous art style, and relaxing music make this a must-play.

Although this game will only take you about 15-20 minutes to complete, the experience is really memorable and is exactly the type of thing I want to see being made into premium VR titles. Imagine how cool it would be if this game was expanded into an open-world VR RPG where you travel around the world on your own airship! This is easily one of the best free VR games on Steam, and you should definitely give it a go. You can check out the reviews and read more about Horizon Beyond here.

28. Cards And Tankards

cards and tankards virtual reality game on steam

Cards and Tankards is a VR collectible card game with a strong social focus. It’s set in a fantasy tavern where you can play cards at any one of the tables in the tavern. You can play against AI opponents, or challenge one of the other people in the tavern to a PVP match.

There are 120 cards to collect and the gameplay is somewhere between Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering. If you have any experience with either of these two games, it won’t take you long to pick up the rules. I also found the other players to be extremely helpful and got plenty of tips to help me get started.

Cards and Tankards is really immersive, and it actually feels like you are playing cards with real people, rather than just playing a game on your computer. I did encounter a few bugs here and there, but nothing that significantly impacted my enjoyment. The player base is pretty small, but I didn’t have any difficulty finding other people to play with. Cards and Tankards is easy to recommend and is one of the best free VR games on Steam in this genre.

29. Short Circuit VR

short circuit vr

Short Circuit VR is a fun, and educational Steam VR game where you are challenged with completing a number of electronics projects that help teach you about the basic concepts of electronics.

It makes great use of VR to let you lift and position electronic components and connect them together to try to complete the 9 challenges, and although a fairly short game, it is well worth playing and gets great reviews. Each challenge builds on the last as your knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts increase.

The sandbox mode of Short Circuit VR is hugely enjoyable as it lets you create whatever you like, and experiment with all of the components on offer, as well as all of the items in your lab. I genuinely learned a lot by playing this game and I would imagine this would be great for older children to use to learn basic electronics concepts.

I’d love to see this game developed into a premium product as there is so much scope to increase the number of components and equipment and build out a much more comprehensive electronics program. This free Steam VR game is a great experience overall and I would definitely recommend it.

30. Meditation VR

meditation vr on steam

Meditation VR is a free VR game on Steam that features a series of beautiful locations where you can relax, unwind and enjoy some guided meditation. I’ve tried a few VR medication experiences and I think this is the best one I’ve found so far. There’s really good attention to detail, and the graphics and sound design are excellent.

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