Should You Upgrade To Pimax Crystal From HP Reverb G2?

As a VR enthusiast who has been using the HP Reverb G2 for almost 3 years since its release in November 2020, I’m starting to think about an upgrade, particularly for VR flight sims that I spend a lot of time using. Whilst I have had the pleasure of testing a wide range of PC VR headsets over the years, I’ve stuck to the HP Reverb G2 until now due to the exceptional value it offers for the price, but now I feel the urge to do a permanent upgrade.

One potential option is the Pimax Crystal, which is the newest, and most interesting VR headset from Pimax. It’s particularly appealing for PC VR simmers like me due to its impressive specs on paper but it is a big step up in price compared to the HP Reverb G2.

Pimax is a company that has been a feature in the consumer VR industry for many years, with a reputation for announcing impressively specced headsets but struggling to be able to deliver on all of their promises. I’ve always followed their progress closely, but have only had limited opportunities to try their headsets.

hp reverb g2 vs pimax crystal

Pimax Crystal Specifications Vs HP Reverb G2

From looking at the specifications on paper, it’s clear that the Pimax Crystal offers upgrades in most areas.

FeatureHP G2 VisualsPimax Crystal Visuals
Resolution (per eye)2160 x 2160 pixels2880 x 2880 pixels
Refresh Rate90Hz90/120 Hz
Field of View (FOV)114°125°
Lens TypePlastic fresnel lensesGlass aspherical lenses
Display TypeLCD displayQLED displays with mini LED panels
Pixel Per Degree (PPD)2435/42
IPD AdjustmentManualAuto
Supported IPD Range60–68mm58–72mm
Diopter AdjustmentNoNo

Of course, technical specifications only tell half the story. Whether the Pimax Crystal is a good upgrade will depend on how refined and well-developed both the hardware and software are.

Pimax Survey

Pimax recently contacted me to let me know they have conducted a survey of HP Reverb G2 users to gauge their opinions about upgrading to the Pimax Crystal, and it certainly makes for interesting reading. They surveyed more than 500 HP Reverb G2 users and the results confirmed a lot of my own thoughts as an HP Reverb G2 owner.

Here are some more of the most common opinions from the survey of HP Reverb G2 users.

What do you like most about the HP Reverb G2?What features would you like to see improved in the HP Reverb G2?Would you consider switching to the Pimax Crystal?
ClarityBigger sweet spotYes, and I have purchased the Crystal
Best image quality in its price range at the time of release.Higher resolutionYes, but I will wait for the price to reduce.
Comfort, ease of use, and weightLarger FOVI’m very interested, but I would need to try it before purchasing.
Build qualityLarger range of IPD adjustmentI would, but it’s too expensive for me to afford.
Sound qualityNo, because it’s heavy compared to G2
Plug and playNo, I’d prefer waiting for 12K
Pimax Crystal VR Headset

72% of HP Reverb G2 owners said that cost is a major barrier to them upgrading to the Pimax Crystal. 38% of users said they wanted to try the Pimax Crystal before purchasing. 21% of users said they wanted to see more written and video content comparing the two headsets. So most people are put off by the cost, and a lot of people want to try it or get more information about the headset before spending their hard-earned money.

Personally, I’d agree with most of the opinions expressed regarding improvements that users would like to see in future VR headsets compared to the HP Reverb G2. The big question is whether the Pimax Crystal can deliver the improvements that I’m looking for.

Thankfully, Pimax has given me the opportunity to borrow a Pimax Crystal headset and put it through its paces. I hope to do this over the next few weeks and I’ll share my findings with the readers of VR Lowdown. This will help us decide whether the Pimax Crystal is a suitable upgrade and worthy of the additional expense compared to the HP Reverb G2.

I have been very clear with Pimax that I will share my honest opinions and comparison of the two headsets, sharing both the positives and negatives to help you decide whether upgrading to the Pimax Crystal is worth it. I’m looking forward to sharing my in-depth impressions and findings in the very near future.

In the meantime, you can check out more of the results of the Pimax survey, and take a closer look at some of the Pimax Crystal specifications. You should also take the opportunity to watch this video by VR Flight Sim Guy comparing the HP Reverb G2 and Pimax Crystal, and the MRTV review of the Pimax Crystal to get a better idea of whether this is a good upgrade for you.

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