Best VR Pool Games: Top 3 Picks for An Immersive Experience

best vr pool game

I’ve spent the last few weeks exploring some of the best VR pool games available, analyzing each game’s physics, gameplay, and immersion, to help you decide which is the best one to play. This article covers everything you need to know about VR pool games, so chalk up your virtual cue and join me as I dive into the world of VR pool!

Overview Of The Top VR Pool Games

Black Hole Pool

Black Hole Pool, developed by Pixel Works, offers a highly realistic pool experience for virtual reality enthusiasts. The game is designed to mimic professional-style tables, giving players a low-friction surface that allows for faster ball movement and more accurate shots. Black Hole Pool provides both 8-ball and 9-ball game modes, allowing players to enjoy various rule sets. The game is available on the Steam store and Quest’s App Lab store for $10 USD.

Black Hole Pool boasts an intuitive control scheme, enabling players to set up their shots and apply spin on the ball with ease. Furthermore, the game offers a competitive multiplayer experience with an ELO ranking system, allowing players to compete in ranked or unranked matches.

Black Hole Pool also features big-screen TVs within the virtual environment, enabling players to watch YouTube videos and listen to music playlists while playing.

ForeVR Pool

ForeVR Pool, developed by ForeVR Games, is a casual and accessible pool game for VR enthusiasts. Priced at $20 USD, the game is available on the main Oculus store for Quest 2 and Quest Pro, and on Steam for compatible PC VR headsets. ForeVR Pool is designed to replicate a pub-style play experience, with ball movement that is slightly slower and more familiar to casual pool players.

ForeVR Pool features a comprehensive tutorial that is succinct and effective, allowing new players to easily grasp the game mechanics. The game also offers various customization options, including different environments, colorful cue sticks, and creative themes. While ForeVR Pool currently supports only 8-ball mode, the developers have stated that 2v2 gameplay is on their roadmap for future updates.

Spark Ball Pool

Spark Ball Pool is a free-to-play pool game available on the Oculus App Lab store. The game offers a solid casual pool experience, focusing on delivering the basics without the need for extensive customization options. Spark Ball Pool provides a 9-ball game mode, allowing players to enjoy this variation of pool with friends or strangers online.

The control scheme in Spark Ball Pool allows players to lock in their stick angle and adjust spin options accordingly. Although the game does not feature a robust tutorial, it provides a text-based guide that helps players understand the basics. Spark Ball Pool is an excellent choice for those who want to try out a VR pool game without any upfront cost, and it holds great potential for improvement and expansion in the future.

Spark Ball Pool best vr pool game
Spark Ball Pool is free to play and has really solid gameplay

Game Physics And Realism

Black Hole Pool is designed to replicate professional-style tables, offering a high level of realism and a more challenging experience. It features a modernized physics engine that accurately simulates ball movement and collisions. On the other hand, ForeVR Pool and Spark Ball Pool are more geared towards casual players, with physics that resemble pub-style play where the balls move at a slower pace.

All three games allow players to use spin on the ball, with varying methods to set up shots. In terms of movement around the table, Black Hole Pool and Spark Ball Pool use smooth locomotion, while ForeVR Pool offers a range of options, including teleportation.

Gamification And Tutorials

ForeVR Pool stands out for its accessibility and ease of use, with a well-scripted tutorial that introduces new players to the game effectively. Spark Ball Pool offers a text-based tutorial, while Black Hole Pool lacks a comprehensive tutorial, which may be a drawback for new players.

In terms of customization, ForeVR Pool takes the lead with various environments, collectibles, and creative themes. Spark Ball Pool features three distinct environments, and Black Hole Pool has fewer environment options but includes big-screen TVs for in-game entertainment.

Graphics And Immersion

black hole pool best vr pool game
Black Hole Pool offers a polished, professional pool experience

Starting with Black Hole Pool, this game offers a realistic and clean visual aesthetic that closely replicates a professional pool hall environment. The pool tables and balls exhibit high-quality textures, giving the game an authentic feel.

In terms of immersion, Black Hole Pool features big-screen TVs within the virtual environment. Players can watch YouTube videos or listen to their favorite music playlists while enjoying a game of pool. The atmosphere this creates, coupled with the game’s physics, really makes you feel like you’re inside a bustling, modern pool hall.

Next, ForeVR Pool stands out with its bright, inviting, and colorful graphics. The game has a more casual, friendly aesthetic compared to the professional vibe of Black Hole Pool. Different environments, including various pool halls and themed rooms, add to the game’s visual variety and charm.

ForeVR Pool also allows players to customize their cues, which feature vibrant colors and creative designs. The game is designed to simulate the feel of a lively, social pub experience, and its graphics and immersive elements play a crucial role in achieving that ambiance.

Finally, Spark Ball Pool delivers a more minimalist approach to its visuals. The game’s graphics are not as detailed as Black Hole Pool or as colorful as ForeVR Pool, but they still adequately represent the essential elements of a pool game.

Spark Ball Pool features a few distinct environments that, although not as varied or elaborate, provide a clear, focused pool-playing experience without unnecessary distractions. The simplicity of Spark Ball Pool’s aesthetic is pretty nice but isn’t as impressive as either of the other two games.

Multiplayer Experience

All three games offer matchmaking, public and private lobbies and online multiplayer options. Black Hole Pool provides the most robust support for different game variations, allowing players to enjoy both 8-ball and 9-ball with friends, strangers, and AI opponents. Spark Ball Pool supports 9-ball multiplayer, but lacks AI support. ForeVR Pool currently only supports 8-ball, with no other variations available.

Black Hole Pool uses the ELO ranking system for multiplayer levels, while Spark Ball Pool and ForeVR Pool have point or experience systems for player ranking. ForeVR Pool has mentioned that 2v2 multiplayer is on its roadmap for future updates.

forevr pool best vr pool game
ForeVR Pool is lots of fun, particularly when playing with friends

Other VR Pool Options

While we’ve focused on games that specialize in pool, there are a number of other VR games that allow you to play pool, without it being the sole focus of the game.

Rec Room: Known for its wide range of social games and experiences, Rec Room offers players the chance to participate in a casual game of pool. Although pool isn’t the primary focus, it’s a fun option to explore as you hang out with friends in a virtual setting. The game physics for pool in Rec Room may not be as refined as in dedicated pool games, but it provides a casual and relaxed gaming experience.

Sports Bar VR: This game simulates the experience of hanging out in a sports bar with friends. You can play a game of pool on one of the tables available, and the physics engine provides a relatively realistic pool experience. While the focus of Sports Bar VR is broader, encompassing a variety of bar games, the pool aspect is well-developed and enjoyable.

All-In-One Sports VR: As the name suggests, this game offers a wide variety of sports to play in VR, including pool. All-In-One Sports VR provides a more casual and less detailed pool experience compared to dedicated pool games, but it’s a fun game, particularly for younger gamers, due to the forgiving gameplay.

These games offer more diversified VR experiences, with pool being just one of the available activities. They allow you to enjoy a game of pool as part of a larger social experience, making them a great choice if you’re looking for more than just pool in your game.

Final Thoughts

Black Hole Pool is my top choice for the best VR pool game due to the realistic environments, fantastic physics, slick controls, and excellent multiplayer options. It’s a great choice for players seeking a professional pool experience. It’s even made my overall list of the best VR sports games.

ForeVR Pool is a great option for casual players who want an easy-to-play, accessible game with plenty of customization options. Its robust tutorial and various environments make it a user-friendly choice for newcomers to VR pool games. ForeVR Pool does a lot right, and the overall ForeVR platform, where they have created multiple sports games is a lot of fun

Spark Ball Pool is an excellent choice for those looking for a free, casual pool experience. The solid physics and simple gameplay make it a fun option for players who aren’t sure if they’ll commit to playing VR pool games long-term.

Ultimately, each of these top VR pool games offers something unique for different types of players. Whether you’re a casual player looking for a fun, accessible experience or a dedicated pool enthusiast seeking realistic gameplay and competition, there’s a VR pool game out there for you.

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