27 Awesome Bonelab Tips: Expert Strategies Revealed

bonelab tips and tricks

Bonelab, developed by Stress Level Zero, brings the core experience of Boneworks to Quest 2 and introduces a fully-featured modding system. It provides a deeply engaging VR experience full of physics-based challenges and a diverse range of enemies that promises hours of thrilling gameplay. This article is going to cover the essential Bonelab tips and tricks you need to know to get the most out of this awesome game.

Utilize Slow-Motion

Bonelab offers a slow-motion feature, which can be used to enhance the fun and strategy of the game. By using slow-mo, players can better plan their actions, perform cool action moves like mid-air shooting, and experience enhanced melee combat. This feature can also help players navigate the game’s more challenging physics-based interactions.

Master Climbing And Jumping

Mastering basic movements like climbing and jumping in Bonelab can be challenging due to the game’s physics, but it is crucial to practice and get comfortable with these actions. As players often need to climb and jump to progress through the levels, understanding the techniques to perform these moves efficiently is essential.

When jumping from high points, simply walk off the edge to land safely. However, be mindful of potential motion sickness caused by significant drops. You can crouch, jump, and climb using the right stick on your controller. To climb, grab the object with both hands, reposition your hands, and press the jump button while pushing your controllers downward.

For a more effective jump, try bending your knees slightly, then quickly stand up while releasing the jump button. This technique can provide extra height on your jumps, allowing you to reach higher platforms or ledges.

To climb a ledge, position your hands closer to yourself and the edge, then push yourself up. Utilize the thumbstick to crouch and crawl, enabling you to get up on the ledge more efficiently. By mastering these tips and techniques, players can better navigate the challenging world of Boneworks VR and overcome the obstacles that the game presents.

Clambering Mechanic For Climbing

When climbing in Bonelab, make use of the clamber mechanic instead of the Boneworks-style crouching method. To clamber, push your hands below your hips and keep moving. This will allow you to move more fluidly and efficiently while climbing. Almost every flat horizontal surface in the game has a grip for easy climbing.

Using Stealth

Bonelab is teeming with formidable adversaries, including mechanical behemoths and heavily armored mercenaries. Turn the tables on your enemies by using stealth to your advantage, creeping up on them for silent, deadly melee attacks. Keep in mind that firing ranged weapons can alert nearby foes, so choose your approach with care and consideration.

Bonelab Combat Tips

If you liked the combat mechanics in Boneworks then Bonelab provides that same core gameplay. You can fight off enemies with your bare hands or use random objects, like planks or frying pans, as makeshift weapons. Remember that guns can be used as melee weapons, too. You can even headbutt your enemies if you have no other weapon available. Robotic enemies can also be thrown, grabbed, or smashed with crowbars. You can use melee weapons like crowbars to gain extra height when jumping or hooking onto ledges.

When enemies are close to you, don’t aim down the sights of your gun. Instead, point and shoot for quicker response time.

Bonelab Combat Tips

Hone Your Shooting Skills At The Mini-Game Range

In the Mine Dive chapter, put your marksmanship to the test at the shooting range mini-game. Earn points by hitting an assortment of targets, with your scores displayed on a screen positioned in front of the machine gun.

Equip Laser-Guided Weapons

To save ammunition and secure swift kills, aim for your enemies heads. Take the time to familiarize yourself with Bonelab’s controls and opt for laser-guided weapons to enhance your accuracy and efficiency during combat.

Experiment With An Arsenal Of Weapons

Bonelab offers an impressive variety of weapons to suit every playstyle. From melee weapons like axes and sledgehammers, ideal for smashing breakable objects, to firearms for long-range combat, the possibilities are vast. For an added challenge, try defeating enemies using only your fists as a throwback to old-school gaming techniques.

Employ Shields For Enhanced Defense

Supplement your offensive strategy by equipping a shield to deflect bullets and projectiles while wielding a weapon in your other hand. Freely swap out the shield for another weapon at any point during the game to adapt to evolving combat situations.

Master Cover-Based Combat To Preserve Health

Bonelab’s levels are littered with gun-wielding mercenaries who can quickly whittle down your health. Adopt a cover-based combat strategy, using doors, pillars, and other objects to shield yourself from enemy fire. This approach not only protects you but also allows you to plan your attacks more effectively. Keep an eye out for ammunition when seeking cover.

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

In Bonelab, players must explore and be observant of their environment to unlock the campaign mode. This requires being attentive to the game’s various mini-modes, which include time trials with combat and parkour, a full-blown sandbox for spawning enemies and items, and experimental mini-games like physics bowling.

You can be as creative as you like when playing Bonelab, and one of my favorite things to do is to think of unusual and interesting ways to play through each part of the game. It’s quite reminiscent of Blade and Sorcery in the way it utilizes physics to give players loads of freedom to play in whatever way they like.

Unearth Hidden Treasures

The levels of Bonelab are brimming with interactive objects and secrets waiting to be discovered by inquisitive players. Pay close attention to artwork scattered throughout the game, such as intricately detailed whiteboard illustrations, which offer valuable insights into the world and its denizens.


What sets Bonelab apart from other FPS titles is its innovative freerunning feature, which lets players move through obstacles with ease and style. Master the art of scaling walls, leaping across panels, and performing awe-inspiring stunts to deftly navigate the subterranean facility. To avoid drawing unwanted attention from mercenaries, remember to refrain from freerunning during combat encounters, and conserve this ability for exploration and traversal.

Adjusting Your Avatar

In Bone Lab, players can adjust their avatar’s height and make other fine-tuned adjustments using the game’s advanced mode. This will ensure your avatar accurately represents your real-life dimensions, making the experience more immersive and enjoyable.

After completing the story, you’ll unlock an armband that allows you to change characters. You can plug your character changer into the machine in the middle of the hub to access the character customization menu. You can select from preset characters, unlocked characters, modded characters, and hidden characters found throughout the game.

bonelab tips and tricks

Interacting With Objects And Doors

The game’s physics allows players to easily open doors and move objects out of the way. You don’t need to worry about damaging your health or dying when pushing or barging through obstacles, which makes exploration easier and more fun.

The Hub

The Hub acts as a main menu, allowing you to select game modes and explore character options. To continue the story from Level 2, explore the six game mode options in the Hub and solve the puzzle in the room. Once the puzzle is solved, you can continue through the campaign.

Collecting And Managing Items

Picking up items is as simple as pointing your hands toward them and using the front and side triggers. You can store items in your backpack or throw them over your shoulder to access chest and waist holsters. Weapons and ammo can be quickly grabbed from these holsters without needing to access your inventory.

Throughout the game, you’ll come across capsules that contain items to unlock for Sandbox mode. Keep an eye out for these as they are hidden in various locations and can be easily missed. To unlock an item, grab the capsule with both hands and pull it apart. Make sure to collect capsules as you progress through the story, or you may have to return later to redeem them.

Some popular items to unlock for Sandbox mode include the go-kart, balloon gun, shopping cart, frying pan, and Nimbus gun. These items can be found in various levels and game modes, such as the racetrack level, Tuscany sandbox map, and by exploring the Hub.

Bonelab Tips And Tricks For Sandbox Mode

  1. Utility Gun: Use the utility gun to spawn weapons, enemies, and objects in Sandbox mode.
  2. Nimbus Gun: Use the Nimbus gun to fly around the map and access hard-to-reach areas.
  3. Slow Motion: There are three levels of slow motion, which can be toggled by clicking a button and holding it while moving the left thumbstick.

Using Developer Mode

Developer mode offers additional features such as spawning the utility gun and Nimbus gun in the story and other game modes, as well as changing scenes and avatars without returning to the Hub. To enable developer mode, go to the main menu, click on mods, go to settings, and turn on developer mode.

Experiment With Different Avatars

Bonelab’s quick-swap avatar system allows players to switch between avatars with unique physical advantages and disadvantages. For example, you can choose to be fast and weak, strong and slow, or tall and lanky. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each avatar and switching between them strategically can give players an edge in various situations.

Embrace The Modding Community

Boneworks offers an immersive experience that can be significantly enhanced by engaging with the modding community and incorporating user-generated content. By accessing new avatars, items, vehicles, and even entire levels through mods, players can unlock new possibilities for gameplay and customize their experience.

To find and access a wide variety of Boneworks mods, visit mod.io and explore the Bonelab section, where you can discover both approved and community-created content. Before downloading and installing mods, ensure compatibility with your VR system to avoid any issues.

Boneworks VR features a dedicated modding area where players can experiment with mods created by the developers or other community members. This space allows for the integration of custom content, such as race tracks and new avatars, to further personalize the gaming experience. Moreover, players have the option to import their own mods, offering even more possibilities for customization.

Keep in mind that the main game is accessed by solving a puzzle within the Bone Lab area and opening the quarantine door. By embracing the modding community and utilizing the tips mentioned above, players can tackle the challenges of Bone Lab and fully immerse themselves in the virtual world of Boneworks VR.

bonelab tips

Locate The Glowing Key To Free The Imprisoned Skeleton

In the game’s first chapter, seek out a room containing a skeleton trapped within a cage. Investigate the area beneath the desk to find a glowing orb-like key, which can be used to unlock the prison cell and grant access to the next section.

Discover Concealed Vents For Hidden Pathways

Uncover secret routes by ascending ladders and opening vent doors. Exercise caution when navigating the dimly lit vents, as falling through could prove to be a costly error.

Collect And Assemble Power Sources To Unlock Restricted Areas

During the Modules chapter, retrieve and piece together six power sources by manipulating the console’s gears and magnet. Position them on pedestals to unlock the quarantined section of the map, revealing new areas to explore.

Speed Through The Monogon Motorway Challenge

Embark on an exhilarating race in the Monogon Motorway stage, navigating a Go-Kart around a twisting racetrack. Apply the brakes ahead of sharp turns to avoid collisions and strive for a lap time of under 60 seconds.

Discovering Game Modes

Bone Lab offers six mini-game modes to choose from, including the Tact Trial (shooting enemies in a limited time) and the Parkour Mode (a VR Ninja Warrior obstacle course). Explore these modes to find the ones you enjoy the most.

Game Modes

  1. Tact Trial: A breach and clear style game mode where you must take down a certain number of enemies.
  2. Arena: Offers two game modes, Void and Survival, which involve completing objectives and fighting endless waves of enemies, respectively.
  3. Sandbox: A creative mode where you can experiment with unlocked items and characters.
  4. Parkour: A race to the finish line while navigating obstacles and enemies.
  5. Experimental: A mode for mini-games built within Bonelab, with content potentially from modders or game developers.
  6. Mods: A mode for exploring user-generated content.

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