Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Quest 2 Review

Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2 Review

The Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Quest 2 offer an upgrade to improve the grip and comfort of the Quest 2 controllers. They extend the controller grip area and feature an improved strap system, making them a great option if you enjoy high-tempo and prolonged use of your Quest 2. This review will detail my experience of using the Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2, covering the pros and cons and providing my final thoughts on whether they are a worthwhile upgrade.

What’s In The Box

The Extended Controller Grips come in six different color options, with the version I chose being black. Inside the box, you get:

  • The controller grips themselves
  • Silicone controller ring covers
  • Soft material hand strap covers
  • Extra elastic cords
  • Extra plastic battery pull tabs
  • Product information

The Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Meta Quest 2 are available to purchase from the Kiwi Design store and are also available on Amazon.

Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2 box contents

Unboxing And First Impressions

The Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips come packaged in a compact box containing all of the accessories listed above. Inside the packaging, the grips are wrapped in plastic for protection during shipping. My first impression was that these grips look and feel great. They are made of silicone and have a light texture to improve grip and feel fantastic to hold.

The grip part of each controller cover feels quite solid even before inserting the controller and is designed to elongate the grip to accommodate larger hands. There is an elastic strap that runs over the back of your hand when you wear them, and this can be tightened so that you maintain control of the controllers even when you let go. I love this feature as it replicates the feel of the Valve Index Knuckle controllers, which I really like.

I was really pleased to see the addition of extra elastic straps and battery pull tabs, as these are clearly the parts of the controller covers which are most likely to need to be replaced. It provides a degree of reassurance to know that you can simply replace these parts quickly and easily as needed.

The silicone tracking ring protectors are another welcome addition, as these provide a good level of protection for your controllers against potential damage if you hit them off a wall or furniture while using your VR headset.

Step-by-Step Installation Process

Putting the Kiwi Design Extended Grips onto your Quest 2 controllers is really simple and only takes about a minute for each controller. You just follow these steps to get started.

  • Remove the battery cover from your Quest 2 controller.
  • Remove the wrist strap from the slot at the bottom of the battery compartment.
  • Remove the battery from your Quest 2 controller.
  • Open the battery flap on the controller cover and pull out the battery tab.
Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2
  • Align the controller cover with the controller, and slide the controller into the cover from the top.
  • There is an integrated battery cover inside the controller cover, so you should line this up and push it up so that it clicks in, just like you would if you were putting the normal battery cover on.
  • Push the battery tab into the battery compartment and then insert the battery into the compartment, on top of the tab. The purpose of this tab is to make it easier to remove and replace the battery. You just pull the tab and the battery comes out.
Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2 battery compartment

Push the end of the battery tab into the battery compartment and close the silicone battery compartment door.

Next, take the two rubber grommets on the grip and stretch them over the controller ring and fasten them in place like buttons. Your battery cover should now be positioned perfectly over your controller, and the triggers and buttons should be unobstructed.

You can also attach the silicone tracking ring covers for additional protection. They are marked L and R, so just select the correct one and position it carefully over the tracking ring and the lipped edges should clip around it easily.

Upgraded Hand and Wrist Straps

One of the most important features of Quest 2 controller grips is to ensure that you remain holding the controllers at all times, and any risk of sending the controller flying across your room during a particularly vigorous session of Beat Saber or Thrill of the Fight is reduced to zero. Thankfully, the Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2 have both a wrist strap and an elasticated hand strap to ensure your controllers are going to stay in your hands at all times.

The hand strap is made from silicone like the grips and features a layer of foam cushioning on the inside for comfort. Adjusting the length is simple by using an elasticated pull cord which can be tightened to your liking so that when you let go with your fingers, the controllers will stay firmly attached to your hands. There is a spring-loaded slider button near the bottom of the grips that lets you loosen the hand straps when you want to remove them.

The Kiwi Design grips also come with material covers that can be added to the hand straps for extra comfort. Personally, I find the smooth silicone very comfortable, but some people may prefer the option of having a material cover to the straps.

As for the wrist strap, it incorporates a more heavy-duty design compared to the basic Quest 2 strap. It is longer and uses a thicker, woven material with a more substantial plastic adjustment slider. The upgraded wrist strap compliments the hand strap to deliver added security.

Both straps allow for prolonged and active VR gaming sessions without as much risk of the controllers flying out of your hands. Their ergonomic designs stay comfortable even during intense gameplay thanks to the strategic padding and adjustment flexibility.

Fit, Texture, And Design

The Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2 maintain a slim profile that does not add too much bulk or weight to the standard Quest 2 controllers. The flexible silicone material conforms closely to the contours of the handles. The overall fit of the controller grips is terrific, with the triggers and buttons perfectly conforming to the holes in the controller grips without any need for stretching.

I have tried a number of other controller grips for the Quest 2 controllers, and some of them add unnecessary bulk, making it harder to get a good grip of the controllers. Thankfully, the Kiwi Design grips are sufficiently low profile that they feel perfect to hold, while improving grip and comfort.

The grips add a reasonable amount of length to the controller handles, which people with larger hands will appreciate. In fact, one of the only things I don’t love about the Quest 2 controllers is that the handles are a little short, particularly when playing games where you don’t use the grip button. I naturally tend to move my grip down the controllers for games like this, which can make your grip fairly insecure.

Despite the added size from the grips, the controllers can still stand upright normally when not in use. The textured exterior improves grip compared to the smooth plastic finish of the regular controller handles. This allows for a more secure hold, especially when hands become sweaty during lengthy gaming.

The strategic placement of texture in the silicone further enhances the hold while playing. All in all, the Kiwi Design grips integrate seamlessly with the Oculus controllers for a natural feel. Their snug fit ensures no slipping or accidental slips mid-game.

Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2 Review


I’ve been extensively testing the Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Meta Quest 2 over the last few weeks, and I’ve generally been delighted with their performance. I tend to play a lot of sports games such as Eleven Table Tennis, Beat Saber, Thrill of the Fight, and a number of fitness games too. These games really make you build up a sweat, so maintaining a good grip on the controllers becomes even more crucial.

Right away it was apparent how much more secure the grips were compared to using the stock controllers. Once you work up a sweat, the regular controllers usually start sliding around in my hands, increasing the risk of me losing my grip. The textured silicone on the Kiwi grips allowed for a significantly better hold even as my hands regardless of the intensity of the gameplay.

The Kiwi Design grips are also super comfortable to use, even for prolonged sessions, and I really love the hand strap that glues the controllers to my hands.

Replacing the battery in the controllers is very easy to do. The silicone battery covers open easily, and the plastic battery tab makes getting the old battery out extremely easy. I’ve previously used controller covers where you have to remove the entire cover to replace the battery, so the Kiwi Design approach makes things so much easier. It means that if the controller battery runs low during play, I can have it replaced in a matter of 30 seconds or less, and get back into the game.

Easy Removal and Replacement Process

Removing the Kiwi Design Extended Grips takes just a couple of minutes by reversing the installation steps. Start by detaching the wrist and hand straps if still attached. Then take off the rubber grommets securing the grip to the controller ring.

Remember to remove the battery and pull out the battery tab first before attempting to slide off the grip. This prevents damaging the tab or damage to the battery cover. Replacement tabs are provided just in case though.

With the tabs and battery removed, the flexible silicone will stretch and detach easily from the controller. The material regains its shape so the grips can be reused again. Once removed, the standard Oculus Quest 2 battery cover and wrist strap can be reattached as desired.

Final Word

Overall, the Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips are the best grips I’ve tried for Quest 2 and they get two thumbs up from me. I’ve tried a number of other similar products, so I’ve had the chance to compare Kiwi Design’s grips to most of the popular competitors. Most other grips I’ve tried have a few minor issues that impact their comfort or function, but I haven’t identified any major negatives about the Kiwi Design grips, and the pricing is competitive with other options available.

Whilst no product is perfect, I feel that if you’re looking to get grips for your Quest 2, then the Kiwi Design Grips are an excellent choice. If you find your hands slipping frequently or want more control during fast-paced VR titles, then these grips are highly recommended for use with the Quest 2. You can purchase them directly from the Kiwi Design store and they are also available on Amazon.

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