Where To Find Male VRChat Avatars That Look Awesome

It can be difficult to find quality male VRChat avatars, and those that are easy to find tend to be very similar in appearance. There are plenty of anime-style male avatars that you can find in a range of avatar worlds, but it is more difficult to find realistic male avatars or ones of different ethnicities. I’ve spent a long time searching for the best male avatars for VRChat to help you get an avatar that will be perfect for you.

I’m going to cover some of the best avatar worlds for male avatars, as well as some of my favorite, specific male avatars. I’ve tried to cover a broad range of what is available, so hopefully, this article will have a few options that you will like.

Where To Find Good Male VRChat Avatars

I’ve had the most success finding good male VRChat avatars by searching through a range of VRChat worlds and saving the best male avatars that I find. I’m going to show you the worlds to visit to find quality male avatars, but I’ve also got a few other ideas for how to get a male avatar that fits what you are looking for. Let’s get started.

Nolando’s Avatars

Nolando's male vrchat avatars
Nolando’s Avatars

Nolando’s Avatars is a VRChat world that has a selection of 35 male avatars to choose from, and all of them are fully compatible with PC and Quest. There are a variety of ethnicities, and although they all have a common style, there is a good selection of clothing and hairstyle options to choose from.

This is a really appealing world to visit, with really nice aesthetics and good background music. There’s a large mirror nearby to check how each avatar looks, so you can find your favorites easily. I saved a number of these avatars to my favorites and was really impressed with the quality and attention to detail.

These male VRChat avatars are a perfect compromise between looking like real humans while maintaining an appealing animated look. This is an avatar world I’d definitely recommend if you want a cool-looking male avatar that you can use anywhere.

Run Ham’s Avatar World

Run Ham's Avatar World for male VRChat avatars
Run Ham’s Avatar World

Run Ham’s Avatar World is pretty bizarre, but it’s a popular place to find a range of comedy and meme avatars for VRChat. The good news is that there are also quite a number of normal-looking male VRChat avatars.

There is a menu where you can browse through a large selection of avatars, to try and find the ones you like. It can take a while to find the good ones, as the preview pictures aren’t great and have no labels, but it’s worth the effort, as there are some nice male avatars to choose from.

The quality of the avatars ranges from OK to terrible, but this is still definitely a good world to visit to find some regular male VRChat avatars. Most of the avatars are compatible with PC and Quest. Run Ham’s world also has a selection of avatars made by some of his friends that you can browse through, but I didn’t find many good male avatars amongst these.

Julio. And Sukumi’s Male Avatar Wrld

Julio. And Sukumi's Male Avatar Wrld
Julio. And Sukumi’s Male Avatar Wrld

This really cool avatar world has a good selection of anime male VRChat avatars. All are quite similar to the one pictured above, but with a selection of different clothes and hairstyles. They’re all premium quality avatars, with a selection of good expressions you can use.

The world itself is really well made, and the avatars are neatly arranged right next to a large mirror that you can use to check your appearance. There is also a seating area, complete with a large screen that you can use to play videos or listen to music.

Access this world by typing “Julio. And Sukumi’s Male Avatar Wrld” into the in-game search. Please note that the Wrld is not a typo. Most of the male avatars are PC-only, but there are one or two that are Quest compatible.

Ready Player Me Avatars

readyplayer.me male vrchat avatar

Ready Player Me is a fantastic new way to make a customized avatar that you can upload to VRChat. You don’t need any technical skills and you can make a customized avatar in only a few minutes.

You can even upload a photo of yourself and the software will make a reasonable attempt at creating an avatar that looks like you. Ready Player Me is a great way to make a male VRChat avatar, particularly if you are struggling to find an avatar in the game that meets your needs. Here are the steps to get a Ready Player Me avatar.

  • Go to readyplayer.me/vrchat
  • Click on the sign-in button in the top right of the screen.
  • Enter your email address and you will be emailed a one-time sign-in code. Ready Player Me uses a password-free sign-in that uses an access code that they email to you when you want to log in.
  • Enter the one-time access code to log in.
  • Click on “create a new avatar”.
  • Select from “masculine”, “feminine”, or “don’t specify” to choose the base model for your avatar.
  • You can upload a photo of yourself if you wish, which will be used to create an avatar that looks like you, but you can skip this step if you prefer to manually customize your look.
  • You can then customize the face shape, eyes, hair, skin color, clothes, and accessories for your avatar.
  • Once you are ready, click “next”, and your avatar will be prepared for VRChat.
  • Once the avatar is ready, click on “Import to VRChat”.
  • Click to confirm that you are happy to link your VRChat account to your Ready Player Me/Wolf3D account.

It can take up to 15 minutes for your new avatar to appear in VRChat, but most times I tried it, the avatar was ready in less than 5 minutes. The avatar will appear in the avatar menu within VRChat under a new section labeled “Other”.

This is a great way to easily make a male VRChat avatar without having to search through countless VRChat worlds to find the exact model you are looking for. Whilst there are definite limits on how customizable the Ready Player Me avatars are, there is enough variety that most people will be happy with the results.

Baxxre’s Marvel X-Men Avatar World

Baxxre's Marvel X-Men Avatar World for VRChat
Baxxre’s Marvel X-Men Avatar World

This is a great world to visit if you want to pick up a selection of superhero VRChat avatars. Wolverine, Colossus, Gambit, Quicksilver, Magneto, and more are available in this world. The world itself is fairly simple, with the avatars lined up along a futuristic raised walkway, on either side of a large viewing mirror.

It’s pretty entertaining to try on these avatars, with good attention to detail and some fairly interesting features that will make you stand out. The quality of the avatars is pretty good, and all are compatible with PC and Quest.

Collin’s Avatar World

The Rock at Collin's Avatar World vrchat
You can find The Rock at Collin’s Avatar World

Collin’s Avatar World has a large selection of popular male anime avatars for VRChat, as well as a few other male characters, including this nice avatar of Dwayne Johnson. This is a really good place to visit to find some of the best male anime avatars in VRchat, and all of them are compatible with PC and Quest.

Collin’s Avatar World is really popular, and there are usually plenty of people hanging around when I visit it, so it’s a good place to ask for ideas of where to find your perfect male avatar.

Big Al’s Avatar World

male avatars in big al's avatar world for vrchat
Big Al’s Avatar World

Big Al’s Avatar world is a great place to find some good male VRChat avatars. There are well over a hundred avatars here, and whilst many of the avatars are recreations of cartoon characters, there are a number of nice male avatars to choose from.

I managed to find avatars of Nikola Tesla, Marty McFly, and Superman, as well as male avatars of loads of cool cartoon and movie characters. Some of the avatars are PC only, but there are also plenty that are compatible with Quest headsets. Regardless of what you are looking for, this is a great avatar world to visit, filled with lots of fun avatars.

Pasta Alfredo Avatars

Pasta Alfredo Male VRChat Avatars
Pasta Alfredo Avatars

Pasta Alfredo’s world has a number of male VRChat avatars to choose from that are worth checking out. There are lots of male Star Wars and Team Fortress 2 avatars that are compatible with PC and Quest headsets. There are also avatars for JFK, Barack Obama, as well as a few male cartoon characters.

This probably isn’t the best place to visit if you want a generic male avatar, as all of these ones are fairly recognizable. However, the models are of decent quality.

PsychoUpdates’s Avatars

PsychoUpdates’s male vrchat avatars
PsychoUpdates’s Avatars

PsychoUpdate’s Avatars has a good selection of male VRChat avatars. There is a good choice of skin colors, clothes and hairstyles. They all have a similar artistic style that you will either like or you won’t, but the quality on offer is excellent, and they are all compatible with both PC and standalone Quest headsets.

This is a really well-designed world and it’s clear that a lot of time and effort has gone into building it. It’s a great place to visit and the avatars on offer are well worth checking out.

Mids AVA World

male avatars in mids ava world for vrchat
Mids AVA World

Mids AVA World is a good place to go to get a selection of popular male anime avatars for VRChat. This is one of the most popular avatar worlds, and it’s no surprise as there is a huge selection of quality avatars available that are compatible with both PC and Quest headsets.

The male avatars in Mids AVA world are almost exclusively popular anime characters, so you are likely to find some good options if this is the type of avatar you are looking for.

Make Your Own VRChat Avatar

If you’re struggling to get a male avatar for VRChat that you really like, you could consider making your own. Whilst there are a number of avatar makers available such as Ready Player Me, (discussed above) Tafi, and MakeAvatar, if you really want to make something unique, you could consider making your own.

The VRChat website has a helpful guide for taking your first steps toward making your own avatar. Bear in mind that this option has a significant learning curve, so it will likely take you a lot of time and effort to make an avatar that you are totally happy with.

Why Are There Not More Masculine-Looking Male Avatars?

Most VRChat avatars are created from existing models, rather than built from the ground up. As a result, a small number of avatar models recur repeatedly, with different textures, accessories, and small variations. There are more female and anime avatars and assets available, so these tend to be more widely used.

The VRChat community also has a general preference for anime-style avatars, so these are the ones that have become popular over time. As the community grows, and the amount of avatars increases over time, there will be increasing diversity of avatar appearances. More male avatars, including those with masculine features, are becoming available over time.

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