ZyberVR Golf Club Handle Review: Upgrade Your VR Golf Game

ZyberVR Golf Club Handle For Quest 2 Review

If you’ve ever played a VR golf game, you’ll know that swinging a VR controller doesn’t feel much like swinging a real golf club, and this can detract from the overall experience. Thankfully, there are now quite a number of golf club controller attachments, including the ZyberVR Golf Club Handle that can dramatically improve your enjoyment of VR golf games such as Golf+, Golf 5 eClub, and Walkabout Mini Golf.

I’ve racked up countless hours of game time in all of the popular VR golf games and I’ve been able to try quite a number of VR golf club controller attachments during this time.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned VR golfer or just starting out, almost any golf club controller attachment will provide a much more realistic VR golf experience and greatly improve your ability to hit consistent shots. The only question is whether the ZyberVR Golf Club Handle is the best option to go for.

What Is The ZyberVR Golf Club Handle For Quest 2

The ZyberVR Golf Club Handle for Quest 2 is a VR accessory designed to provide a more immersive and realistic experience when playing golf games on Quest 2. The handle attaches to the Quest 2 controller, providing a more comfortable grip that feels like a real golf club. The handle is made of aluminum, with a silicone grip cover, and an ABS-reinforced plastic shell, making it sturdy, durable, and comfortable to use.

The handle features a quick-lock buckle design for easy setup and secure fastening, and it can be used with both left and right controllers. The handle is compatible with a wide variety of VR golf games and comes with preset settings for games like Golf+.

You can purchase the Zyber Golf Club Handle For Quest 2 here

ZyberVR Golf Club Handle for Quest 2 Review: A Game-Changer for VR Golfers

As a VR golfer, I was excited to try the ZyberVR Golf Club Handle for Quest 2 and I’ve been really impressed with how it has performed. It is specifically manufactured to fit the Quest 2 controller, keeping it firmly in place and rock solid throughout your swing.

The handle is made of aluminum and has a silicon grip, making it feel exactly the same as a real golf club. It comes with a socket and clip to mount either the right or left controller, ensuring it is suitable for both left and right-handed golfers.

Attaching my Quest 2 controller to the golf club handle was really quick, as all that was required was to slide the controller into the socket and secure it with the supplied clip. Once attached, the controller felt secure, and It never felt like the controller was in danger of falling out.

I was a little nervous initially as the only thing holding your controller on is the supplied clip, but I haven’t had any issues and haven’t heard of anyone who has suffered from a clip failure.

The overall design and quality of the ZyberVR Golf Club Handle feels better than some of the other golf club attachments I have tested. It feels more robust and the materials feel a lot stronger than some of the 3D-printed options that are available.

ZyberVR Golf Club Handle For Quest 2 Review

Swinging the ZyberVR golf club handle feels great, and it was easy to set up in games such as Golf+ and Walkabout Mini Golf. There is even a preset in the Golf+ controller settings menu where you can simply select the ZyberVR controller and you should be ready to go.

The weight of this controller is pretty similar to my real golf irons, but this masks a significant difference between this controller and a real golf club – the center of gravity. When you hold a real golf club, a lot of the weight is in the head, resulting in a center of gravity that is quite far down the shaft. This creates significant inertia when you swing a real golf club.

Due to the ZyberVR controller being shorter than a real club, the center of gravity is closer to your hands, making it easier to swing. Having held a real golf club in one hand and the ZyberVR controller in the other I was instantly able to feel a difference in how they behaved.

Whilst some other golf club attachments address this issue by making their attachments extendable or adding a counterweight, I actually prefer being able to swing the controller a little easier, and the compact design ensures you don’t need too much space to use the ZyberVR golf club handle.

The ZyberVR Golf Club Handle comes with a few accessories that are nice to have, but not essential. There is a wrist support and an elasticated armband to promote good shot form, and a wall mount so you can store the golf club controller easily. There are also silicon tracking ring covers to protect your controllers, and a velcro strap to hold the grip button for you if needed.

Improved Performance and Increased Enjoyment

Using the ZyberVR Golf Club Handle, I found that my performance improved greatly in VR golf games such as Golf+, Golf 5 eClub, and Walkabout Mini Golf. I was really impressed that I was able to hit different types of shots, such as draws and fades, and hit high lobs, or chip and runs, using the same motions and variations of my swing that I would in real life.

I did find that I performed better if I shortened my backswing compared to my real golf backswing, but this is a result of the way the Quest 2 tracks the controllers, which is partly done via cameras on the headset, meaning tracking accuracy is reduced whenever you swing the controllers over your shoulder. I can’t wait for the next generation of VR controllers that track their movement independently of the headset, in a similar way to the Quest Pro controllers.

Highly Recommended for VR Golfers

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the ZyberVR Golf Club Handle and I would highly recommend it to any VR golfer. The handle is made specifically for the Quest 2, so if you’re using a different headset, you’ll need to consider some of the other options on the market.

Using the ZyberVR Golf Club Handle For Quest 2 in Golf Plus

Pros And Cons Of The ZyberVR Golf Club Handle For Quest 2


  • Professional look and durable design
  • Comes with both left and right-handed attachments
  • Good quality, with a weight that feels similar to a real golf club
  • Easy to attach and remove controllers for battery changes
  • Does not require a different battery cover or any screws for installation, making it easy to change between accessories.
  • Affordable price of $49.99
  • Improves the golf experience in VR games, making it more fun and realistic.


  • Some users may not like the length as it is not extendable
  • The center of gravity is closer to your hands than a real club, detracting from realism a little.
  • Although the training aids and wall mount are useful, I don’t think they add a lot to this product.

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