20 Best Rec Room Games You Need To Try In VR

Rec Room VR is a social game that has it all – from paintball, dodgeball, bowling, escape rooms and horror maps, there is no end to the fun you can have on Rec Room. Starting in the Recreation Center you can explore tons of different rooms and take part in activities that have been carefully crafted by other users.

With a VR headset in tow, VR Rec Room is the best place to build and play games together. Join with friends from all around the world to chat, hang out, explore player-created rooms, or build something entirely new and amazing. Even better, Rec Room is free to play and is available on Steam VR, Playstation VR, and for the Meta/Oculus Quest 2 and Quest Pro. It is versatile enough to be suitable for sitting, standing and room scale play, depending on what game mode you are enjoying.   

With so much choice it can be difficult to know where to begin so here are the 20 best Rec Room games and rooms for VR to get you started with a world of fun!

Summary Of The Best Rec Room Games For VR We Will Be Covering

  • Quest For the Golden Trophy – medieval, fantasy, adventure, fighting
  • Paintball – excitement, action, shooting, playing with friends
  • Escape Room Bunker – problem solving, puzzles, tension, teamwork
  • Rec Royale – action, adventure, fighting
  • Dodgeball – sport, team, fun
  • Dark Souls – adventure, combat, fantasy
  • Hide And Seek – classic games, multiplayer, competition
  • Bowling – social, fun, relaxing
  • Laser Tag – action, shooting, multiplayer
  • Super Mario Super Bros – fun, racing, nostalgia
  • Action Rush – obstacles, high-speed, race
  • Rec Rock Climbing – climbing, competition, skill
  • RP Unioncity – action, violence, excitement
  • Spooky Manor – horror, chill
  • Taco Winter Lodge – relaxation, winter surroundings, mini games
  • Millennium Falcon Showcase – Star Wars, immersion, action
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 Armadillo PvP – action, shooting, intensity
  • Bloodborne – spooky, fighting, exploration
  • Carousel Park – multiplayer, mini-games, laid-back
  • Escape Room Haunted Mansion – horror, mystery, adventure

Quest For The Golden Trophy

If you are looking for: medieval, fantasy, adventure, fighting

Quest for the Golden Trophy Best Games and Rooms In Rec Room

Welcome to Golden Trophy, a medieval combat game where you and up to 3 others must team up and fight through 9 stages of fantasy monsters using medieval weaponry. Using swords, bows, crossbows and shields, battle monsters such as Goblins, Imps and Barrel Knights to recover the Golden Trophy that has been stolen by the Goblin King. The enemies get tougher as you proceed so coordination with your teammates is vital for success.

Don’t expect it to be too easy! Golden Trophy is a prime example of how creative you can be with a game creation kit like Rec Room. If you battle through all 9 acts and defeating the final boss, each player is rewarded with a chest which contains one item from the Golden Trophy Cosmetic Sets – a prize worth fighting for.


If you are looking for: excitement, action, shooting, playing with friends

Best Games In Rec Room Paintball

Paintball is one of the most popular Rec Room games and its not hard to see why – two teams battling for victory, cool paint weapons and fast paced action, what’s not to like! Two teams, each with a max of 4 players must try to move to the enemy base and grab their flag. Armed to teeth with a variety of paint weapons and with plenty of areas to hide and stage ambushes around the map, the intensity can increase as your team must fight for dominance on one of several maps in one of two modes.

This Rec Room game is the best way to experience paintball in VR as you use strategy and skill to work through each map and defeat the other team. Even better, it’s the perfect game to play with friends in a team battle-style game mode.

Escape Room Bunker

If you are looking for: problem solving, puzzles, tension, teamwork

Escape Room Bunker in Rec Room

Prepare for the ultimate escape room experience with Escape Room Bunker. Planes are flying overhead, dropping bombs on your head and you must work quickly to escape before the bunker collapses on you. You’ll need to solve a series of puzzles in this escape room style experience, ranging from logic-based challenges to physical tasks that require coordination and teamwork.

Escape Room Bunker is so engaging that it is very easy to forget you are in VR with the bunker setting building the tension and urgency. It’s a great way to test your problem-solving abilities, mixed in with collaboration with other players in order to solve the most challenging puzzles.

Rec Royale

If you are looking for: action, adventure, fighting

Rec Royale in Rec Room

Rec Royale is Rec Room’s take on the Battle Royale genre and is similar in style to popular games such as Fortnite or Apex Legends. It is one of the most enjoyable games modes on Rec Room with VR massively enhancing the experience of battling it out against other players.

After 14-16 players are dropped into a giant map: it is a fight to be the last man standing. Quickly scavenge for gear as the available play space gradually shrinks, forcing players closer and closer together. You can except a single game in Rec Royale to last for roughly 10-15 minutes as you explore the landscape holding summer camps, mountains, ravines, lakes and forests.


If you are looking for: sport, team, fun

Playing Dodgeball in Rec Room

Dodgeball is a sport-based mode in Rec Room which has proved to be very popular, especially since it allows you to join in and play with your friends. Playing in VR also adds that extra competitive edge to a much-loved game with it feeling entirely immersive and just as intense.

Assembling in two teams either with or against your friends, there is hours of fun to be had and the classic high school gym setting has potential for loads of fun with no risk of boredom. There is something very satisfying about throwing a dodgeball at an unsuspecting friend’s head, without risk of injury!

There are a lot of sports that translate really well into VR, so if you want other great sports games to try, you should check out my favorite VR sports games.

Dark Souls

If you are looking for: adventure, combat, fantasy

Dark Souls in Rec Room

Dark Souls is an incredibly popular video game series and Rec Room VR’s version of this game demonstrates how much the VR format brings to the game experience with incredible graphics and immersion. Not for the faint hearted, Dark Souls will test your skill, determination and teamwork as you choose from a variety of weapons and combat styles to work your way through the game.

The Rec Room Dark Souls room is beautiful with excellent graphics vividly recreating the world of Lordran. Engage in demanding, skill-based combat against powerful enemies as you navigate this detailed fantasy world. Even better, Dark Souls allows you to join with your friends for hours of enjoyment in combat and problem solving.

Hide And Seek

If you are looking for: classic games, multiplayer, competition

Hide and Seek in Rec Room

Think you know this playground classic? Well Rec Room takes this to a whole new level with an excellent rendition of Hide and Seek. This is a team-based game, with red and blue teams battling it out for victory by taking it turn about to be seekers and hiders.

Winding streets and shady alleyways provide lots of areas to sneak and hide but it is made all the more enjoyable by the fact that there’s an element of verticality so you’re not limited to these areas either. Embrace your inner child once more and give Hide and Seek a go!


If you are looking for: social, fun, relaxing

Bowling in Rec Room

This is what Rec Room does best – takes popular sports and puts them into a VR format which is exciting and highly enjoyable. Join up to seven friends in the bowling alley and take it in turns to knock all those pins down.

Fun graphics and the potential for either a relaxing or competitive game experience is what makes this bowling game in Rec Room so popular. Plus, you can spectate other players bowling from the audience area.

Laser Tag

If you are looking for: action, shooting, multiplayer

Lasertag in Rec Room

Prepare for a team battle mode that can get ultra-competitive as eight players in Rec Room join for a high paced, high energy shooting bonanza. Engage in either 4V4 matches against other teams or fight multiple robot enemies – both promise plenty of action and fun.

The futuristic level design with complementary weapons and music adds to an experience that is immersive and highly popular among the community, especially for those who enjoy shooting games.

Super Mario Super Bros

If you are looking for: fun, racing, nostalgia

Super Mario Super Bros in Rec Room

Inspired by the classic Super Mario games, Super Mario Super Bros VR brings the action of these games into an exciting virtual reality setting in Rec Room. The gameplay is very similar to the Mario series as you navigate a series of levels that are recognisable from the original game.

Make sure you explore as you play, avoiding enemies, leaping onto platforms and collecting coins. You can even participate in multiplayer runs, allowing for competitive play or cooperative exploration with friends.

Action Rush

If you are looking for: obstacles, high-speed, race

Action Rush in Rec Room

If you enjoy racing and obstacles courses then the Rec Room VR game Action Rush could be perfect for you. This contest game is focused on running and jumping as you race to reach the exit area by working through obstacles, with 10 completely different maps.

Join in with your friends and compete against one another to run, climb, jump and slide your way to victory in this fun and skill-based VR experience.

Rec Rock Climbing

If you are looking for: climbing, competition, skill

Rec Rock Climbing

Rec Rock Climbing is exactly what you would expect – a superb climbing simulation game mode in Rec Room that benefits from the immersion of VR. Completely focused on climbing, there are lots of different courses and levels for you to choose from and you will definitely never get bored in this game mode.

Enjoying both the challenges and enjoyment of simply scaling massive climbing walls makes this a game I’m always happy to return to time and time again. From competitive multiplayer climbing races with friends, to racing against the clock and your personal best on uniquely challenging courses – there is something for everyone to enjoy in Rec Rock Climbing.

RP Unioncity

If you are looking for: action, violence, excitement

RP Unioncity

RP Unioncity is a game mode that every Rec Room player should try out, even simply because of the map which contains an entire downtown district with moving vehicles and is incredibly impressive in VR. Watch your back as you’ll never quite know what other players are up to.

Enter into the big city landscape of RP Unioncity and chose how you want to play, maybe by making deliveries or joining gangs to target other players. Will you be passive or go on a killing spree? The choice is up to you, making it an enjoyable game to come back to as there is always something new to try out.

Spooky Manor

If you are looking for: horror, relaxing, ride

Spooky Manor in Rec Room

Spooky Manor is a horror-related game mode in Rec Room but is a much more relaxed version of others such as the Escape Room Haunted Mansion. Simply taking in the graphics of this virtual world is enough with superb attention to detail creating a highly immersive experience.

Jump onto a moving ride that takes you through the scary path as you enjoy all the horrors of a Halloween themed mansion. With no jump scares really, it’s a lot more chilled and perfect to enjoy with a friend.

Taco Winter Lodge

If you are looking for: relaxation, winter surroundings, mini games

Tac Winter Lodge in Rec Room

If you are wanting to rest and recover after some more intense VR experiences, then go and check out Taco Winter Lodge which is built for all things relaxation in Rec Room. Perfect for the Christmas season, this cosy lodge backed by towering mountains is the best place to unwind with friends. You can even explore the foothills surrounding the lodge as you make your way up the trail.

Aside from enjoying the Christmas music and roaring fire, you can enjoy other seasonal activities such as snowball fights and ice skating. Remember to go and grab some friends to make the most out of this immersive social environment to interact, play mini games and enjoy the wintery white scenery. If you enjoy this type of social VR experience, you should also try VRChat, which offers a huge range of experiences and has a huge and enthusiastic userbase.

Millennium Falcon Showcase

If you are looking for: own-pace, Star Wars, immersion

Millennium Falcon Showcase

If you are a Star Wars fan or have even seen one of the movies featuring the Millennium Falcon then I’m sure you’d love to explore the corridors of Han Solo’s beloved smuggler ship. This Rec Room Star Wars experience allows you to wander amongst the bleeping buttons and creaking metal, making your way to the famous cockpit. Even R2D2 will make an appearance onboard the ship as well.

Put your own piloting skills to the test and navigate through asteroid fields with intense space battles, taking on missions and quests from smuggling to battles. There is a lot of potential for playing around with your friends, and imagining you really are all in a galaxy far, far away.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Armadillo PvP

If you are looking for: action, shooting, intensity

Red Dead Redemption 2 Armadillo PvP

This Rec Room game mode is a remake of Armadillo from the Red Dead Redemption 2 series with many of the same features. Find yourself in the Wild West, with saloon, stables, dusty streets that throw you back in time aided by simply amazing graphics and attention to detail.

With a blend of role-playing and player v player combat, you can take on different roles such as outlaw and engage in intense duels with an array of weapons. When dropped in for free-for-all player v player combat, prepare for frantic and intense battles – not a game to go for if you’re not up for constant conflict!


If you are looking for: spooky, fighting, exploration

Bloodborne in Rec Room

Inspired by the critically acclaimed video game, Bloodborne is a Rec Room VR game that will challenge and immerse you. Enter into a dark, nightmare-like city with monsters around every turn as you try to navigate your way through skilful, demanding battles.

Bloodborne captures the spooky aura of the original very well with the addition of more custom weapons which you can even test out in a training ground. It is one of the best exploration areas in Rec Room with such attention to detail that you could spend hours simply wandering around the gothic landscape.

Carousel Park

If you are looking for: multiplayer, mini-games, laid-back

Carousel Park in Rec Room

Carousel Park is the perfect place in Rec Room to enjoy different rides and chill out with your friends. The music and whole environment greatly enhance the amusement park theme with vibrant visuals and sounds that make it so immersive.

Try riding the carousel, playing mini games such as whack-a-mole and hoop toss, chatting with friends and enjoying virtual snacks to complete the full recreational experience. The ambience is the best part of Carousel Park and isn’t so much as traditional game experience than a vivid, colourful setting to hang out with your friends and have some fun.

Escape Room Haunted Mansion

If you are looking for: horror, mystery, adventure

Escape Room Haunted Mansion

Escape Room Haunted Mansion is the ultimate spine-chilling Rec Room game with a mix of horror, intrigue and adventure. Trapped inside an eerie haunted mansion, you must work together to escape by solving puzzles that require problem solving and skill.

Don’t assume you’ll be unfazed by your surroundings in the Mansion as it is packed full of jump scares and dim lighting that forces you to use flashlights to navigate your way through tight corners and scary figures. Join with your friends and see if you are brave enough to survive the Mansion. Escape rooms can be such a fun VR activity, so I highly recommend giving this one a go.

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