Golf Plus TPC Sawgrass Course Review

Golf+ TPC Sawgrass Course Review

The TPC Sawgrass course in Golf+ VR perfectly captures the challenge and beauty of this iconic PGA Tour venue. As soon as I loaded into the first tee box wearing my Meta Quest 2 headset, I immediately recognized the winding, tree-lined fairways and small, well-bunkered greens that have vexed the world’s best golfers for years at The Players Championship. After playing many rounds on this course in VR, I can say that the developer has flawlessly brought the iconic Stadium Course layout to the virtual world.

The front nine eases you in with some scorer’s holes before ramping up the challenge. It starts with a relatively forgiving par 4 and par 5 to get warmed up. But things quickly get tougher at the par-3 3rd, which requires a precise tee shot over water to a tiny, two-tiered green.

The difficulty continues through the front nine, including the tough par-4 6th hole, and after making the turn, the challenge remains strong on the back nine. The 10th is a long par 4 requiring three precise shots, while the par-5 11th demands both length and accuracy with water down the entire left side.

The finishing stretch is particularly notable, starting with the long par-3 13th over water. The 16th then brings one of the course’s toughest driving holes, a tight chute between trees and bunkers, followed by a tricky approach shot, striving to avoid the water on the right. The steeply sloping green provides a stern test, and then it’s off to the famous island green par-3 17th.

The 17th hole is exhilarating in VR, with the long carry over water to the island green and the rowdy grandstands looming all around. Standing on that famous tee box in VR and trying to gauge the wind brings nerves just like the real pros feel.

And just as on the front, the round ends with fireworks on the 18th, a long par 4 with an intimidating tee shot over water. It’s so difficult to decide how aggressive to be with your tee-shot, and the water always seems to have a magnetic attraction for both your tee shot and approach shot. The pressure stays on until the final putt drops.

VR Gameplay That Mimics A Real Round

Beyond the challenge of the course, TPC Sawgrass impresses with its realistic VR gameplay on Quest 2. The developer beautifully rendered the Stadium Course’s contours and distinctive features. As you gaze down the fairways, you feel transported to Ponte Vedra Beach with the mossy trees, white bunker faces, and bright blue water hazards.

The dialed-in controls of Golf Plus carry over beautifully to TPC Sawgrass and the Touch controllers feel responsive as you swing and interact with the course. And on several holes, crowds have been digitally added for an extra level of immersion.

The gameplay mechanics also create a good degree of realism. You can freely look around the course and check yardages before each shot, get a bird’s eye view of the hole, and teleport around at will to see the holes from any angle you wish.

When standing over the ball, you go through your pre-shot routine of aligning the clubface and choosing your swing type. You can adjust the power of each club manually, as well as adjusting how hard you physically swing your controller. There is a steep learning curve to dial in the power required for each shot, but you should see your scores fall quickly over the course of a few rounds.

After hitting a green, you feel like you can assess the putts thanks to visual indicators on the green that appear when you bend down or press the grip button, helping you gauge the green speeds and terrain. The signature undulations of TPC Sawgrass perfectly transfer into the VR experience. Sinking a twisting 10-footer on the 17th island green provides a joyous feeling just like the pros.

Within the limitations of the VR and controller tracking, the experience of playing TPC Sawgrass in Golf+ feels terrific. If you’ve played a lot of Golf+ already, you’ll know what to expect, but this course is definitely a jewel in the crown.

If you haven’t already got one, a dedicated golf club controller attachment is a highly recommended accessory. It will greatly improve the realism and immersion you will feel with each swing, as well as significantly improve your control and accuracy. I have written an article comparing some of the VR golf club controller attachments I have used and also written a detailed review of the ZyberVR golf club controller attachment.

Golf+ TPC Sawgrass Course Review

Immersive Visuals From Tee To Green

On a graphics level, Golf+ continues to impress on the Meta Quest 2 hardware. The art and design choices make the course look absolutely stunning despite the limitations of the Quest 2 hardware. As you look down the fairways, the grass appears lush and the trees seem to sway in the wind. At the tee boxes, you feel like you are about to play famous holes thanks to small details like the plaque describing the 17th island green.

Around the greens, your eyes are drawn to the vivid white bunker sand and blue water hazards encroaching on the putting surfaces. And the greens themselves look fantastic, with the right speeds, undulations, and textures to match the real course. The latest lighting enhancements better showcase the sun peering through the trees and reflecting off the water. It truly feels like you are immersed at Sawgrass on a bright Florida day.

While there are still some graphical limitations given the Quest 2’s standalone hardware, Golf+ continues to find ways to heighten the realism through software. The course artists and developers deserve major credit for rendering TPC Sawgrass so accurately in VR. It shows their commitment to recreating the most authentic golf experiences possible as more courses get added.

Golf+ TPC Sawgrass Course Review

Exciting Championship Golf In VR

With its challenging design, graphical fidelity, and smooth VR gameplay, TPC Sawgrass is a thrilling course to play in Golf+ VR on Quest 2. It captures the essence of this PGA Tour gem, from the risk-reward decisions off the tees to the nerves standing over putts on the wavy Bermuda greens. The par 3s in particular are breathtaking in VR, adding to the heart-pounding moments over each full water carry.

Whether you’ve played TPC Sawgrass in real life or are discovering it for the first time, it’s a must-play VR golf experience. Just like the real Players Championship, patience, skill, and nerves of steel are required. But navigating this tough track and posting a low score in VR provides immense satisfaction. TPC Sawgrass offers a true golfing accomplishment for anyone teeing it up in the virtual world.

For PGA Tour fans and golf gamers alike, Golf+ VR captures the magic of championship golf with this stellar virtual version of TPC Sawgrass. It’s a true standout among the many excellent courses available in Golf+, so if you’re only going to get one DLC course, I would highly recommend this one.

I can’t wait to take on this stern test of golf again and again right from my Quest 2, all while feeling immersed in one of the most recognizable and challenging layouts in the sport. TPC Sawgrass in Golf+ VR is a hole-in-one for serious virtual golf fans.

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