Quest 3 Specifications Vs Quest Pro, Pico 4, And Quest 2

Meta Quest 3 specifications

Meta Connect has arrived and we finally have all the Quest 3 specifications and info that we’ve been waiting for. This article is going to discuss all of the stats, features, and specifications of the Meta Quest 3 to see how they compare with the Quest 2, Quest Pro, and Pico 4.

There was a lot of information we already knew about Quest 3, but there was plenty of new information and quite a few pleasant surprises regarding the technical specifications and the features that are coming to Quest 3.

The Quest 3 is upgraded in almost every respect compared to the Quest 2 and now features Pancake lenses, dual LCD panels, 2064×2208 resolution per eye, a wider FOV, and double the processing power thanks to the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor.

The Quest 3 starts shipping on October 10, 2023, and is available in a 128GB model for $499/£479.99, and a 512GB model for $650/£619.99. Both models come with a copy of Asgard’s Wrath 2 for free, and the 512GB model also comes with a 6-month subscription to Meta Quest+, which will give you access to two games from the Quest library every month.

Whilst it was obviously going to exceed the Quest 2 in terms of specifications, it is more interesting to compare it to other competing headsets, in particular Pico 4. The Pico 4 was released in October 2022 with Pancake lenses, a wider FOV than Quest 2, dual LCD panels delivering a resolution of 2160×2160 per eye, representing a significant upgrade on the hardware specs of the Quest 2. The downside was that there were multiple rough edges in terms of software, content library, and controller tracking, which held the headset back a little.

I fully expected the Quest 3 to have a lower resolution, FOV, and peak clarity, in terms of PPD (pixels per degree) than the Pico 4, but it looks like it’s going to exceed Pico 4 in terms of peak clarity as measured by pixels per degree of vision (PPD) and FOV.

As of Meta Connect, we now know that Quest 3 will have better visual clarity, a slightly improved FOV, double the processing power, a much more mature ecosystem, and a broader selection of software and games than Pico 4. As a result, it looks like Quest 3 is going to be the best option for most people looking for a standalone VR headset.

Although Quest 3 is going to lack eye and face-tracking, it’s going to offer greater visual clarity and considerably better processing power than Quest Pro, and considering the base model costs half the price of the Quest Pro, it looks like Quest 3 is going to be an easy headset to recommend.

Before we go further, here are all of the Quest 3 specifications, with comparisons to Quest Pro, Quest 2, and Pico 4.

Meta Quest 3 lenses

Quest 3 Specifications Compared To Quest Pro, Pico 4, and Quest 2

Quest 3Quest 2Quest ProPico 4
LaunchOctober 10, 2023October 13, 2020October 25, 2022October 18, 2022
Lens TypePancakeFresnelPancakePancake lenses
Field of View110° horizontal, 96° vertical97° horizontal, 93° vertical106° vertical, 96° vertical104° horizontal, 103° vertical
IPD Range53–75mm58-68mm (58, 63, 68mm fixed presets)55–70mm58-72 mm
Depth AdjustmentYesNoYesNo
Display TypeDual LCDSingle LCDDual QD-LCDDual LCD
Pixels Per Eye2064×2208 per eye1832×1920 per-eye1800×1920 per eye2160×2160 per-eye
Pixels Per Degree (PPD)25 PPD20 PPD22 PPD20.6 PPD
Local DimmingNoNoYesNo
Max Refresh Rate120Hz (experimental)120Hz90Hz90Hz
XR2 Gen 2 (4nm)
XR2 Gen 1 (7nm)
XR2+ Gen 1 (7nm)
Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1
6GHz Wi-FiYesNoYesNo
PassthroughTrue Color
High Res
Low Res
Colorized Greyscale
Medium Res
16MP RGB camera
Battery LocationVisorVisorBack of headstrapBack of headstrap
Battery Life2.2 hours (average)2 hours1-3 hours3 hours
Eye TrackingNoNoYesNo
Face TrackingNoNoYesNo
ControllersTouch Plus
TruTouch Haptics
Tracking Rings
Basic Haptics
Touch Pro
TruTouch Haptics
2 x Pico 4 Controller 6 DoF

Quest 3 Specs Vs Quest 2, Quest Pro, And Pico 4 Video

In addition to this article, I’ve put together a video of my initial thoughts on Quest 3 and how it compares to Quest 2, Quest Pro, and Pico 4. I cover everything you need to know to decide whether Quest 3 is the right headset for you.

Quest 3 Mixed Reality

Aside from better specifications and more VR goodness, Quest 3 is really pushing mixed reality (MR) content too. I’d have to admit that it’s taken me a while to build enthusiasm for the MR features of Quest 3, as I assumed the tech was still a bit immature. However, the demos I’ve seen from the Meta Connect presentation have given me a lot more confidence that it should provide a lot of fun, but may also be quite useful.

One element they introduced was a system called Augments, where you can place virtual objects in your room that will persist over time and play sessions, allowing you to put virtual pictures on your walls or virtual decorations around your home. They also showed off a system where you can put a portal/launch widget for your games and apps around your home. They gave an example of how you could place a workout app in an area of your home where you normally exercise, so you could access it easily.

Another cool example was being able to put virtual games like Demeo or the soon-to-be-launched Lego Bricktales on a real table in your home and play it while retaining awareness of your physical space.

There is no longer a need to set up your physical play space with a guardian boundary, as the headset uses the front-facing RGB cameras and depth sensor to map your room, allowing you to use your physical space in its entirety.

I do think MR is at a really early stage, but I definitely feel that Quest 3 is finally going to move us into a situation where it is genuinely useful and fun to use.

Meta Quest 3 augmented reality

Quest 3 Games

This was the one area of the Meta Connect presentation where I was a little underwhelmed. Although there are a number of new games coming out in the next few months, including Asgard’s Wrath 2, Ghostbusters VR, Lego Bricktales, and Assassin’s Creed: Nexus, I’m still waiting for Meta to blow me away with the kind of AAA content we get on console and PC.

Although there were no big pleasant surprises in terms of games, the Quest library of content grows larger every year and there is already a ton of content available to play. Many Quest 2 games are getting substantial free graphical upgrades for the Quest 3 hardware, and these genuinely look impressive.

Media Content On Quest 3

In addition to VR games and MR content, Quest 3 is also going to let you pull up a virtual screen to enjoy 2D media, and they have partnered with a number of media companies to offer live sports and TV within the Quest 3 ecosystem. They showed the example of being able to watch live NBA via NBA Game Pass on a large virtual screen on your Quest 3.

In addition, Meta showed off the ability to take a virtual seat courtside at sports events to be able to enjoy live sports as if you were physically attending the event. I’ve long felt that this could be a killer app for VR once the quality of the visual experience is sufficiently good to make the experience more enjoyable than watching sports on TV. I would be the first one to pay for a subscription to watch my favorite team playing every week from the comfort of a virtual seat in the stadium.

Impressions Of The Quest 3 Hardware

Meta Quest 3 hardware

Overall, I’m really pleased with what Meta has produced with Quest 3 and I have, of course, already pre-ordered mine for delivery on launch day. I had some reservations about the inclusion of a fabric headstrap by default again, but multiple people who have already tried the headset have reported that it feels much more comfortable and lighter due to the weight of the headset being closer to your head.

This makes sense, as the Quest 3 is 40% thinner than the Quest 2, so it will inevitably feel less bulky and heavy to wear. I have still ordered the new Elite Strap with Battery, as I intend on putting in some long sessions with the Quest 3.

The battery life at about 2 hours is not dramatically different than the Quest 2, and to be honest, with the amount of 3rd party battery accessories, this isn’t even much of a problem. For particularly long sessions you can just swap external batteries and keep playing as long as you want.

The optical stack on Quest 3 isn’t dramatically different than the Quest Pro, but this is a good thing, as the visuals on Quest Pro are fantastic, and the additional bump in resolution that the Quest 3 brings, means visual clarity should be improved, as evidenced by the increase in pixels per degree (PPD) to 25.

Quest 3 Pricing And Availability

The Quest 3 is available in two variants, a 128GB model that will cost $499/£479.99, and a 512GB model for $650/£619.99. Both models come with a copy of Asgard’s Wrath 2 for free, and the 512GB model also comes with a 6-month subscription to Meta Quest+, which will give you access to two games from the Quest library every month. Meta Quest 3 starts shipping on October 10, 2023. I can’t wait till mine arrives and I can get down to testing it and sharing my experiences with you.

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