ZyberVR Magnetic VR Battery Pack Review

ZyberVR magnetic VR battery pack review

Virtual reality continues to grow in popularity, and with its growth comes a demand for accessories that enhance user experience and functionality. A key player in this domain is ZyberVR, which has a wide range of accessories for many popular VR headsets. I have been testing the ZyberVR magnetic VR battery pack for the last few months, a practical solution that offers extended playtime for VR enthusiasts.

In this article, we’re going to provide a comprehensive review of the ZyberVR magnetic VR battery pack. We’ll delve into its design, performance, ease of use, and its overall effectiveness as a solution to limited battery life in VR headsets. We’ll consider both its strengths and potential drawbacks, giving you a balanced view of what it has to offer. So, if you’re keen on getting the most out of your VR sessions, stay with us as we explore this essential piece of VR kit.

Hardware Specs

  • Battery Capacity: 5000mAh (3.7V/18.5Wh)
  • Output: 5V/2A
  • Input: 5V/2A
  • Charge Time: Approximately 2-3 hours
  • Play Time: 2-4 depending on the VR headset’s power usage
  • Connection: USB Type-C
  • Magnetic Attachment: Strong neodymium magnets for secure placement
  • Weight: 113g
  • Dimensions: 80 x 40 x 28mm (including mount)
  • Cable Length: 10cm
  • Compatibility: Quest 2, Quest Pro, Pico 4, and other standalone headsets
  • LED Indicator: Shows charging status and battery level
  • Materials: Durable plastic casing with metal clip and a rubberized grip

What’s In The Box?

  • ZyberVR magnetic VR battery pack
  • Two magnetic bases (each with a different size of clip)
  • User manual
ZyberVR magnetic VR battery pack contents of box

Design And Features

The ZyberVR magnetic VR battery pack is well-built, compact, and thoughtfully designed, and fits in perfectly with the aesthetics of the Quest 2 and Pico 4, which were the two headsets that I tested it with. The battery is encased in a durable plastic shell and has a premium feel. It features a power indicator button and a row of LEDs that allow you to see both the charging status and battery level of the pack.

It connects to your headset by a magnetic base that clips onto the side of your VR headset. The attachment process is effortless, thanks to the strong neodymium magnets incorporated in the design. This allows you to attach and remove the battery with ease. The product comes with two magnetic bases which each have a different-sized clip to cater to a range of VR headsets. It also has a rubberized contact strip so that the base remains securely in place on the side of your headset.

Its dimensions of 80 x 40 x 28mm, and weight of 113g including the mount, are just about perfect for an external battery pack, providing a good compromise between size, weight, and battery capacity.

The battery pack has a capacity of 5000mAh (18.5Wh) ensuring that you should get between 2.5-4 hours of additional battery life from your device, based on my testing and calculations, depending on what you are using your device for. It will take 2-3 hours to charge the ZyberVR battery pack from empty using the standard Quest 2 charger.

The charger base has a 10cm USB Type-C cable attached to it, which does mean that you will need to mount the battery pack on the side of your headset, near the power input port of your device.

ZyberVR magnetic VR battery pack review


Overall, the ZyberVR magnetic VR battery pack works very well, albeit with certain caveats that are important to take into account.

It is incredibly simple to get started with using this battery pack, with no setup required, other than attaching the clip to the side of your headset and sticking the battery on magnetically. I’ve used the ZyberVR magnetic battery pack for many hours across a range of activities and two headsets, and it functions really well.

The battery pack certainly lives up to its promise of extending the battery life of VR headsets. My playtime with the Oculus Quest 2 and Pico 4 was notably lengthened. Although ZyberVR claims a range of 2-4 hours, my experiences were more toward the 2-hour side, a variance that likely comes down to the high power usage from more graphically intensive games that I generally play. However, this added time without the need for a mid-session recharge was undeniably valuable.

The LED indicator worked as expected, providing a clear and concise visual cue of the battery pack’s charge status and remaining power. The USB Type-C connection also worked reliably, ensuring a steady power flow to the VR headset. Unlike the Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery, there is no battery indicator within the UI when you are using the headset, but this is no different from any other third-party battery solution.

The battery pack does feel quite heavy and it definitely impacted the weight distribution of the headset. It wasn’t particularly noticeable, except during very active games that require a lot of head movement. I would much prefer to have a rear-mounted battery pack that improves the comfort and weight distribution of the headset, although these solutions are typically more expensive, so I can understand where the tradeoff is.

The other impact of having a side-mounted battery pack is that you can sometimes hear a little noise coming from the battery. This is often resolved by removing and reattaching the battery, so it is rarely distracting, but it is a factor. Again, a rear-mounted battery pack would mitigate this issue by positioning the battery further from your ears.

Whilst the magnetic connection between the battery and the base was sufficiently robust for general use, it did show signs of weakness during particularly dynamic gameplay sessions. I’ve actually had several occasions where the battery pack fell off during particularly vigorous VR workouts, which was pretty frustrating. I’d really like to see a more robust way of attaching the battery more securely in the future.

ZyberVR magnetic VR battery pack review

What I Like

The ZyberVR magnetic VR battery pack does exactly what it should. It significantly improves the battery life of a range of standalone VR headsets. It looks great, is simple to use, and represents good value for money. If you are looking for a solution to extend the battery life of your Quest 2, Pico 4, or other standalone headset, this is a good option and stands up well to other similar, side-mounted batteries.

You can purchase the ZyberVR magnetic VR battery pack from the ZyberVR website or from a range of online stores.

What Needs To Be Improved

Despite the positives, there are some drawbacks that should be addressed in future products.

  • The clip that attaches the base to the headset is not particularly robust and is prone to movement during play. I do appreciate the inclusion of two sizes of clips, but I can’t help but feel that there should be a better solution.
  • The magnets that secure the battery to the base do not hold the battery sufficiently securely. Whilst it works well for normal play, the battery should never be able to fall off. A more secure attachment mechanism would improve this product considerably.
  • The side mounting position impacts the weight distribution of your headset, and you can feel it during use. Whilst this keeps the product cost down, it is a worse option than a rear-mounted battery.
  • The battery can make some noise intermittently during use. This is made worse by the position of the battery right beside your ear. Some users will find this more distracting than others.

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