Kayak VR: Mirage Review – A Picturesque Paddling Paradise

Kayak VR: Mirage is a virtual reality kayaking simulator that aims to provide an immersive kayaking experience from the comfort of your own home. Developed by Better Than Life Studios, this VR title transports players to scenic real-world locations where they can paddle down rivers, across lakes, and through ocean environments in a realistic kayak. I’ve been paddling my way around Kayak VR to see how it stacks up, and after many hours of virtual paddling, here is my Kayak VR: Mirage review.

Kayak VR: Mirage is available on Steam and can be played on any VR headset that is capable of playing PCVR content via Steam VR. It is also available for PSVR and PSVR2. I played Kayak VR on my HP Reverb G2 and also with the Pico 4 via a wireless connection to my VR-ready PC. Expect to pay $22.99/£18.99.

Kayak VR: Mirage review

Kayak VR Gameplay

The paddling mechanics are the foundation of Kayak VR’s gameplay, and they aim to provide an authentic kayaking simulation. Gripping the VR controllers mimics holding an actual paddle, allowing for intuitive controls. The rowing motions feel responsive, with the paddle digging into the water to propel you forward at an expected pace. Leaning your body for turns or paddling harder on one side to steer works well to maneuver the kayak.

There is a sense of momentum as you paddle faster or drift along that gives the kayak some weight, but the physics doesn’t feel entirely convincing due to the lack of real-world water resistance. Flipping the kayak over demonstrates fun capsizing physics, but rolling back upright takes some effort.

Exploring environments at your own pace allows relaxation, while races offer replayability for those seeking a challenge. However, the races fail to provide truly compelling gameplay for experienced kayakers. The free-roam exploration is actually the highlight, enabling you to soak in ambient sights and sounds. But the lack of purpose may leave some wishing for more structured gameplay modes.

The paddle responsiveness and ability to look around freely do succeed in enhancing immersion. And the overall simplicity of the gameplay suits the escapist nature. Overall, Kayak VR does a really good job of immersing you in the environment through excellent graphics, sound, and solid gameplay mechanics, but there is room for refinement that could elevate Kayak VR’s gameplay to the next level.

Kayaking is a sport that translates quite well into VR due to the fact that you can move the controllers in a way that is very similar to Kayaking in real life. Admittedly, you don’t experience the resistance of the water as you paddle, but the realistic visuals help to make it feel as realistic as possible. It reminds me of other VR sports games that work so well, such as Eleven Table Tennis, Premium Bowling, and Golf+, all of which are able to mimic the movements that you do in the real-world sports.

Kayak VR Graphics

Kayak VR features some of the most strikingly beautiful environments I’ve ever seen in a VR game. Each location looks incredible, with attention to detail in the foliage, rock formations, lighting, and water effects. Watching my paddle slice into the crystal clear water is astonishingly lifelike. Seeing a sunset over a lake reflecting the sky in perfect mirrors is mesmerizing. Even subtle touches like fish swimming near your kayak make the world feel vibrant and alive.

The attention to detail in the environments is really impressive. The trees and plants sway gently in the breeze with individual leaves rustling convincingly. Rocks, cliffs, and boulders are textured with incredible geometric complexity. The way sunlight filters through swaying branches or reflects off the water looks fantastic.

The water visuals are especially impressive. The clarity allows you to see detailed underwater rock formations and plants. Looking down you can watch your paddle blade enter the water with realistic splashing and ripples. Kayaking through whitewater churns up lifelike splashes and foam. Calm ocean water undulates with photorealistic waves and ripples.

The dynamic time and weather effects create constant visual variety. Paddling down a moonlit river at night looks entirely different from the same route on a sunny day. Fog creeping between misty hills transforms landscapes into moody masterpieces. Stormy weather with wind-whipped waves and dark clouds builds drama and intensity. No matter when you visit, each area looks stunningly photorealistic.

The downside to such a visual treat is that Kayak VR requires a reasonably powerful computer to be able to handle it, particularly when you turn the graphics settings up. I don’t think it’s particularly well optimized either, as I did experience some frame rate drops, and my computer struggled to maintain a solid 90 FPS at times.

Kayak VR: Mirage review


I’ve generally been very impressed by the audio in Kayak VR: Mirage. The audio design complements the visuals by immersing you in nature’s ambiance. The soothing sounds of water lapping against your kayak combined with birds chirping and leaves rustling make you feel transported right into the wilderness. The babbling of flowing streams, splashing of paddles in the water, and cries of distant wildlife significantly add to the immersive atmosphere.

Subtle audio details create an incredibly realistic soundscape. You can hear each paddle stroke echo off the canyon walls around you. Approaching whitewater rapids builds as an ominous rush in the distance before surrounding you with crashing water. The crack of thunder booms overhead during stormy weather. Paddling gently at night allows you to appreciate the intimate sounds of nature. The meticulous sound design makes every environment feel alive.

All of these elements come together to complement what you see with immersive nature noises and music. The top-notch sound work fully sells the illusion that you are exploring the great outdoors.

Comfort – Smooth Kayaking

An important factor for any quality VR game is comfort during longer gameplay sessions. I’m happy to report that Kayak VR delivers a smooth and relaxed experience, and most people should be able to play without motion sickness or discomfort.

The seated kayaking position feels completely natural and intuitive. There is no artificial movement besides your own paddling motions, avoiding VR sickness triggers. The calming glide across gentle waters or down river rapids creates a soothing experience. I was able to explore these tranquil environments for hours without any neck strain, eye fatigue, or other discomfort.

The serene pacing you dictate with your paddling allows you to enjoy the environments at your preferred intensity. If you need a break, you can simply stop paddling and rest while taking in the beauty around you. The freedom to determine your own movement prevents any motion sickness.

Kayak VR: Mirage review

Environments – World Tour Adventure

The environments available to explore in Kayak VR are pretty diverse, providing a mini world tour adventure. Each meticulously crafted landscape transports you to another country with unique scenery and ambiance.

You can bask under sunny skies while paddling through lush Costa Rican wetlands filled with vibrant wildlife. Towering canyon rivers in the American Southwest offer an exciting ride through churning whitewater rapids and narrow red rock cliffs. The frigid seas of Antarctica let you gaze in awe upon breaching whales and drifting blue icebergs.

The attention to detail makes every new environment feel like a real place. Seeing kangaroos bounding across Australian plains or spotting eagles building nests along Alaskan shores adds unexpected surprises. There’s also an option to kayak the same landscapes at night for a completely different mood under the moon and stars.

While more location variety in future updates would always be welcome, the available settings offer plenty of variety. Each area provides a unique journey across intricately crafted scenery inspired by real-world places.

Kayak VR: Mirage Longevity

While some may burn through the limited environments quicker than others, I found Kayak VR has reasonable lasting appeal thanks to its relaxing replayability. Some people who have played it have commented that it’s relatively expensive for the amount of content that is available.

I would agree with this to an extent, as for those who simply want to experience the content once, there are really only a few hours of content to be had. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a relaxing and beautiful VR experience to return to repeatedly, I don’t think you will be disappointed at all.

Kayak VR: Mirage review

Issues With Kayak VR

Despite plenty of praise for Kayak VR, it is not without some flaws and room for improvement. The race modes can feel simplistic and limiting for experienced kayakers seeking more complex challenges. And the lack of clearly defined environment boundaries in free roam can lead to accidentally resetting the area when straying too far.

More variety and size in landscapes, wildlife behaviors, weather patterns, and gameplay modes could significantly improve Kayak VR and increase replayability. Additional kayak and paddle customization would also be welcome.

Kayak VR: Mirage Verdict

Kayak VR: Mirage delivers an excellent paddling simulation packed with jaw-dropping visuals, realistic mechanics, and a serene ambiance. Exploring the environments by kayak provides an incredible sense of immersion and escape. A few improvements could make the experience even better, but overall Kayak VR is a great VR experience that I would highly recommend.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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