ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Handles Review

ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose Handles

The ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Handles are an adaptable accessory that can instantly enhance your experience across a wide range of games. With three cleverly designed modular configurations, these handles transform the standard Oculus Touch controllers into more specialized and realistic tools – from paddles and golf clubs to weapons and drumsticks.

After extensive testing across numerous titles, it’s clear the thoughtful engineering and customizability of the ZyberVR handles make them a worthwhile upgrade for serious Quest 2 gamers seeking greater immersion and control.

First Impressions Out of The Box

Straight out of the box, the design and durability of the ZyberVR handles make a positive first impression. The textured foam grips feel comfortable and provide a secure hold on the controllers, even during high-tempo action. The handles feel light but durable, and their minimal weight avoids hand fatigue while still improving leverage.

Installation takes seconds thanks to a secure quick-release buckle system on the handles. Simply position the custom-made clip over the tracking ring and slide the touch controller into the holder. A reassuring click lets you know the controller is securely in place.

The handles have three main configurations, each with a different use in mind;

  • Dual Handle Mode lets you attach a handle to the end of each controller, elongating the controllers, making improving your ability to play games such as Gorilla Tag, Beat Saber, AudioTrip, FitXR, Synth Riders, Ragnarock, Smash Drums, and First Person Tennis, where the elongated grips add leverage and increase the feeling of realism as you play.
  • Short Handle Mode, also known as golf club mode, allows you to significantly elongate the handle on one controller and is perfect for games such as Golf+, Walkabout Mini Golf, and Golf 5 eClub.
  • Long Handle Mode uses all three of the handle sections and both controllers to create a double-ended controller that is perfect for playing Kayak VR: Mirage, Blade and Sorcery, and playing the Darth Maul Mod of Beat Saber.

Despite providing such varied functions, the handle kit includes only a few intelligently designed parts. You can switch between usage modes very quickly and all the parts are easily put together and rearranged. The build quality feels really solid, giving me confidence that the handles will withstand regular intense VR use while still being easy to swap between configurations.

Once equipped, the added leverage of the handles lends a pleasing heft and grip to VR experiences. Rather than just floating controllers, your virtual tools now feel like they have real weight and inertia, and feel much more realistic to use.

What’s Included

  • Two color-coded left and right handles
  • One middle section with connection points on each end
  • Two clips to attach the controllers to the handles
  • Two wrist straps
  • One screw-on cap for the middle section
  • Two controller halo protectors
  • One manual

You can purchase the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Handles from the ZyberVR store.

Short Handles For Improved Control In Fast-Paced Games

The short handles excel at bringing fast-paced titles like Beat Saber, Blade & Sorcery, and Gorilla Tag to life by providing more leverage for big swings and improved grip. Having greater reach makes your movements more impactful and satisfying.

I found that my ability in both Gorilla Tag and Blade and Sorcery was significantly improved once I started using the dual handles and the textured foam ensured the controllers stayed securely in my hands during fierce Expert+ level songs in Beat Saber where wrist flicks become a blur.

In Gorilla Tag, the added grips allow more controlled and rapid climbing, swinging, and tagging maneuvers thanks to the enhanced leverage. Hand-over-hand climbing finally feels natural and precise. The short handles transform floating controller grasping into the proper grip needed to traverse environments fluidly.

While highly competitive expert players focusing mostly on rapid wrist movements may still prefer unmodified controllers for top scores, the short handles hit the spot for casual players wanting an active arm workout or more control in movement-heavy games. The wider grips allow you to put your whole body into big swings in action titles.

ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose Handles

Golf Handle Provides A More Realistic Swing

Golf games like Golf+ and Walkabout Mini Golf especially shine with the ZyberVR golf club handle attached. The single longer grip provides plenty of space for a proper two-handed hold, allowing for much more stable, precise swings.

By stabilizing the leading hand with the trailing hand, subtle adjustments become easier for accurately directing shots. The weighted feel during the swing gives authentic feedback, enhancing realism.

Whilst the golf club mode provides a much better experience than just using a Quest 2 controller for golf games, it’s not as good as using a dedicated golf club controller attachment. If playing VR golf is your main focus, you may be better to opt for a dedicated controller. However, the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose Handles excel in their versatility, providing a good experience across a wide range of scenarios, rather than excelling at any one role.

ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose Handles

Double-Sided Handle Transforms Paddle Sports

Connecting both short handles onto the threaded middle section creates an impressively long double-sided grip that utterly transforms paddle sports like kayaking and rowing. Titles like Kayak VR: Mirage at last feel as they should by allowing proper two-handed paddling motions. The extended leverage creates more inertia, improving the realism of your movements, although without actual water resistance to your strokes, it’s not quite like the real thing.

Other games such as Blade and Sorcery, where two-handed weapons are a prominent feature work really well with the double-sided handle, and the Darth Maul Mod of Beat Saber is a blast to play using this controller configuration.

ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose Handles

Sturdy Construction And Comfort For Extended Play

I was genuinely surprised by how light the controller handles were when I first lifted them, but they’re really solid, with no flex at all even when put under considerable strain during my testing.

The socket and clip mechanism for connecting your controllers to the handles feels very secure and provides a very snug fit, ensuring the controllers won’t wobble or move unintentionally. There is only one clip holding the controllers in place, and although this feels very solid, I wish there was a second clip or strap to ensure that the controllers would stay in place even if the clip failed. I haven’t had any issues during my time using the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Handles, but I could imagine pressing the clip release button by accident and sending my controller hurtling across my room.

The ZyberVR Quest 2 Handles are very comfortable to use for long periods due to their light construction and comfortable foam grips. There are included wrist straps that you can use to ensure you keep hold of the handles during intense action, which is definitely a welcome addition.

After dozens of hours swinging, drumming, slicing, and paddling with the ZyberVR handles attached, they still feel rock solid with minimal wear apparent. All the connection points and mechanisms have held up flawlessly under intense gameplay across many titles.

ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose Handles

Pros And Cons Of The ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Handles

Overall, the ZyberVR Handles provide fantastic value for money, terrific utility, and lots of versatility to improve your experience across a wide range of games. I particularly enjoyed using the handles with Gorilla Tag, Ragnarock, Golf+, and Kayak VR: Mirage. The handles would be worth the purchase price for any one of these games alone if you play them a lot.

The design and construction are excellent and after using the controllers for countless hours, they still look as good as new. You don’t strictly need these controller attachments, but they do enhance your experience a lot, so they definitely get the thumbs up from me.

One minor issue I would highlight is that due to the versatility of these handles, they are not as good as specialized controller attachments for each individual game. For example, if you are a golf fanatic, you would be better to opt for a specific golf club controller attachment, or if you are obsessed with Eleven Table Tennis, you would be better getting a table tennis controller attachment.

However, if you enjoy playing a range of games, then the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Handles are a great choice. I have put a lot of time into Golf+ and Walkabout Mini Golf, and played them both with these handles and specialized golf club controller attachments. While the specialist controllers feel much ore realistic, the real-world improvement in your performance is small. With the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Handles offering very good value for money, these may be a better choice for most people.


Thanks to the adaptable modular design, the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Handles enhance gameplay and satisfaction across a wide variety of VR genres from sports to rhythm action. For Oculus Quest 2 owners seeking greater control, leverage, realism, and versatility across their libraries, the ZyberVR handles belong in their accessory arsenal.

The customizable configurations transform ordinary Touch controllers into specialized tools purpose-built for everything from nailing drum solos to kayaking rapids. At such an affordable price for the build quality and functionality provided, these handles are absolutely worth recommending. Equip yourself with a pair to take your VR experiences to the next level!

You can purchase the ZyberVR Quest 2 Multipurpose 3-in-1 Handles from the ZyberVR store.

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